Which wall covering behind wood stove to choose to combine practicality and aesthetics?

The wood stove is a very common heating solution. And even if the heat provided by this last product is quite sufficient to make the atmosphere more cocooning in winter, nothing prevents us from going further in our decorative goals, does it? Still, the space around the device seems to be quite specific, given the heat that circulates there. That is why it is very important to pay particular attention to the choice of suitable coating for the walls. To easily pass this challenge, our editorial team has prepared a useful selection of the best alternatives for wall cladding behind a wood stove.

Discover alternative tops for dressing a wall behind the heater

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In general, wood stoves consist of a metal body. The latter has the function of absorbing the heat produced in it and then distributing it in the room.

Obviously, for safety reasons, it is above all necessary to provide a sufficient distance between the device and the walls (as well as the objects) nearby.

Similarly, flammable objects must be kept at a longer distance. The materials used for the coating behind the stove are definitely meant to be heat and fire resistant.

Update on non-combustible and resistant materials

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What is the distance between the wood stove and the wall?

As just mentioned, the distance between the device and the wall is an essential point to consider. At this point, the standards of local regulations must be respected.

Normally, a spacing of at least 37.5 cm should be expected. According to standard NF DTU 24.1 P1/A1, the distance between the device and the wall must be 3 times greater than the diameter of the exhaust duct.

However, the addition of a high temperature resistant wall can reduce this distance to about 20 cm.

As for the side wall, if it is made of combustible materials, it is recommended that the device be placed at least 1.20 meters away.

Rule No.1. There must be sufficient distance between the wall and the wood stove

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What wall covering behind a wood stove?

When looking for the ideal wall covering for thespace around a wood stove, we usually have many options. For example, stone and bricks are an extremely popular solution. Not only do they come in different shapes and shades, but thanks to their natural appearance they fit in perfectly with various decoration styles. Tiles and metal, on the other hand, remain a suitable alternative. Let’s take a brief look at the strengths of each of the flagship options.

Different options for wall covering behind a wood stove that are both aesthetic and durable

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Stone is undoubtedly the star of the resistant materials applied to the wall behind the heating device. Whether it’s an elegant and modern face or a DIY natural stone wall, the result is always practical and visually appealing. As a natural material, stone adds a warm note that goes well with rustic design, but also with contemporary decor. Such a wall is indeed perfect for highlighting the charm of the objects around it: like for example the wood stove/fireplace.

An excellent material to cover the wall and highlight the heating area

wood stove logs mat wall stone look tiles

# Bricks

Like stone, brick is another favorite element to use as a wall covering behind the stove. Not only are the bricks resistant to heat, but they will retain a certain amount of it to continue emitting it even after the fire is out.
From an aesthetic point of view, this is the jackpot! Bricks add a rustic look to any decor. They are a characteristic feature of the industrial style. In a completely white living room, will give a section of the wall dressed in bricks this cocoon version so appreciated. A winning approach in interiors with a Scandinavian or boho chic spirit.

Bricks play the star in many decoration styles

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#Floor tile

Tiling, on the other hand, is also a perfect variant for the area. Moreover, of all the resistant materials, it is the one that offers the greatest diversity in terms of designs. Tiles currently come in thousands of shapes, colors and styles. Visually delimiting the area around the stove using tiles with an original design is therefore a fantastic idea to combine practicality and aesthetics.

The option that offers the most choice: tile covering

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Speaking of safety, there are materials that are favorable to use as cladding for walls near the wood stove. But there are also variants to absolutely avoid.

In this second category we mainly find wallpaper. The latter, apart from the risk of fire, tends to heat up and peel off during the operation of the device. The same applies to plasterwork which is prone to cracking. What can be done to protect the wall in these cases?

It is very important to protect the walls around the wood stove, especially if they are lined with combustible materials.

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#Wall protection plate

The simplest alternative is to install a wall protection plate.

Cast iron firewalls are a fairly popular option that help protect the wall behind the appliance.
There are also steel heat shields that are additionally insulated and ventilated.

#DIY thermal barrier

To reduce contact between the device and the wall, there is also the option of building a thermal barrier using non-flammable materials (such as sheet metal, bricks, stone, metal, etc.).

Note: In principle, to ensure good air circulation, the installation of a heat shield also requires a certain spacing between the protection plate and the wall. In this way the heat could escape without risk.

Use a kick plate or other type of suitable thermal barrier

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The wood stove has the potential to quickly become a focal point in the room. Nevertheless, the decoration around the device must be done in an intelligent way and above all with a strong emphasis on security. So there are a few key points to consider when decorating the wall behind the stove.

The choice of flammable materials is essential. In general, coverings and decorative objects made of fabric or paper are avoided. Instead, bet on resistant elements made of, for example, metal or ceramic.

Another important clarification to make: the decorations installed on the wall must be firmly fixed to avoid any risk of accident.

As a rule of thumb, when talking about the decor in the area around the wood stove, less is better. Since decorative trinkets can not only clutter the space, but also make it potentially dangerous.

Bet on a minimalist decor in the wood stove area and especially on the wall behind the heater

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