Which climbing plants to choose for the outside?

Choose climbing plants to dress up your pergolas or fences. We give you some tips for choosing the plants to install and their maintenance.

The criteria to consider when choosing the right climbing plants for the exterior

Climbing plants are usually easy to maintain. However, for them to reveal their beauty, it is important to choose them well. To thrive, a climbing plant must be installed in the right place. The first criterion to be taken into account is the climate. Since it will be installed outside, it is essential to choose a climbing plant that the weather conditions in your region. If you live in a region with cool temperatures, choose honeysuckle, clematis, wisteria or even hops. In regions with a milder climate, you can afford to install climbers such as bignone, jasmine officinalis or even bougainvillea in your exterior.

Remember that climbing plants need support. To dress up a wall, choose climbing plants that can cling to it without outside help, such as e.g Virginia creeper or even ivy. To dress pergola and fences, you can install the winding creepers such as wisteria, honeysuckle or jasmine.

Don’t neglect the exposure to choose your climbing plants

Orientation is an important criterion for choosing the right climbing plant to install in the garden. Some plants should benefit from it enough light to prosper while others are satisfied with it a few hours of sunshine per day. For a shady garden, opt for plants like winter jasmine, Virginia creeper, akebia or even winter jasmine. For a sunny garden you are spoiled for choice: bougainvillea, wisteria, bignone, passion flower, clematis, star jasmine…


The fastest growing climbing plants

To relax in the shade or hide from your neighbors, do you want to install a climbing plant that grows quickly to dress up your gazebo or your fences? There is fast growing climbing plants which grows several meters per season.

Virginia creeper tops the list because it grows about 3 feet per season. Its dense leaves perfectly cover walls and low walls in no time. It can even become a bit invasive due to its ultra-fast growth.

Golden hop is also a fast growing vine. This plant can grow up to one meter just one month after planting if the conditions are right. Magnificent with its golden foliage, hops are perfect for dressing arbors and hedges.

The persistent clematis, appreciated for its abundant and colorful flower, is a fast growing plant. Its size can double in just one month. The evergreen clematis is a very easy plant to care for.

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