Which 2023 trend sofa will you choose? 15 sublime ideas!

Yes, you can decorate your room however you want, but we all agree that the sofa is the centerpiece! If you’re a home decor disciple like me, you know we’ve seen all kinds of weird trends over the years. However, some themes and styles are timeless. So we are not here today to talk about fast fashion and trends that don’t last more than a year. We are here to discuss what is and always will be fashionable, yet practical and comfortable. Let’s take the plunge together and find out which 2023 trendy sofa is made for you and will fit perfectly into your interior!

living room decor trend 2023

Fashionable and comfortable sofa 2023: 5 sublime ideas

This year we’re all going for the big, comfy couches, as well as the velor and quirky couches. Let’s see if you are a maximalist or a minimalist at heart! Which sofa fills your heart with joy and opens your imagination? Do you fancy yourself as an interior designer? Do you want a unique yet trendy, simple yet sophisticated home? So, my dear reader, you are in the right place at the right time! Here are the top decoration trends of 2023!

Bouclé wool sofa: the hygge spirit at home

curly couch

For those who love hygge decor (Scandinavian decor and art of living), I present to you the curly couch! This model is heavenly. The material is made of several different loops. Each one of them is unique and they give a warm, fuzzy and soft feeling to the sofa. By the way, these sofas are mostly white or beige, but you can also find them in different colors. They fit perfectly into any decor and look absolutely stunning!

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trendy and comfortable sofa

XXL cocoon couch to spend cozy weekends

XXL cocoon sofa

The maximalists, ATTENTION ! If you want a chic and modern sofa, know that the XXL cocoon sofa is made for you! If you often receive guests and organize large parties, you need a large sofa to accommodate everyone! Or… If you’re a homebody like me and prioritize comfort above all else, then you should get it too! Whether it’s a U, L or other shape… It’s the perfect piece for movie nights or curling up on a lazy Sunday afternoon and enjoying the end of the weekend in style. .

Velvet sofa: luxury and durability united

blue velvet couch

If you like luxury and want your interior decoration to represent it in the best possible way, then the velvet sofa is for you! But… Is velvet a good choice for a sofa? Is it as practical as it is beautiful? Although its maintenance is a little more difficult than that of a regular sofa, it is very durable! In addition, velvet does not scratch as easily, contrary to popular belief. Take it in a darker color and you will see how the living room will stand out!

Pastel colors always on top

pastel green sofa

If you are wondering what color to choose for your sofa, once you have chosen the material… Worry no more! Pastel colors never go out of style! They are stylish, versatile and bring much-needed freshness to an already dark room. You can decorate it with fun and colorful decorative pillows and a blanket for a cozy look… Finally, if you’re worried that your living room lacks personality!

Terracotta color sofa: bold and beautiful

terracotta color sofa

It is a very specific and very demanding color. If you’re not ready to inject some originality into your living room, walk away. Terracotta has this wonderful sense of ethnicity and style. It is very often used in the bohemian decoration. So if you are a free soul, an artist at heart, a bohemian spirit and you like to experiment with style… This is your sign! And yes, you can’t pair it with everything, but this beautiful earth color goes perfectly with white, grey, blue and pale pink.

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trendy living room layout

Which trendy living room layout did you like the most?

modern bank 2023

How about this modern living room with a splash of bright colors?

banking trend 2023

We love the XXL sofa at DeaVita.fr!

living room decor current trends

The curly sofa is always a good choice!

beige velvet sofa

Choose earthy and pastel colors to invite the hygge spirit into your living room!

green velvet sofa

This dark green velvet sofa has that… timeless chic at its heart!

modern living room 2023

A couch alone wouldn’t look good without some nice decorations!

3 seater leather sofa

This duck blue sofa is one of the most important decor trends of 2023!

rattan sofa

The rattan sofa is chic and modern!

sofa color trend 2023

Don’t be afraid to show your quirky side!

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