what pitfalls to avoid? How to give it an impression of grandeur?

In 2022, living in a small space is a reality. This represents a number of design and decoration challenges. As such, the small living room decoration is very important because it is the room where we spend the most time. Because designing a small space can be particularly difficult, we offer our help to avoid pitfalls and find solutions tailored to your small space. What are the mistakes to avoid? Which furniture to choose? Use our advice to arrange and decorate your living room as best as possible!

Small living room decoration: what are the pitfalls to avoid?

small living room decorating tips 2022

To properly decorate a small living room, you must start by avoiding certain pitfalls that can undermine all your efforts. First, don’t organize your living room around the television. Ideally, we advise you to make the television disappear as much as possible. Also, avoid piling up too much furniture in the room. Indeed, all the furniture you flashed for does not necessarily match the space you have in your living room. The more furniture you clutter your space with, the more cluttered and stuffy it will look. In short, your living room will look much smaller. Be reasonable and choose furniture in line with your area. Also, make sure that each piece of furniture harmonizes perfectly with the others. To do this, the leading trends in minimalist decoration don’t miss out!

We recommend not overloading the walls. Indeed, the living room is the family place par excellence, we tend to fill the walls with picture frames or movie posters that are close to our hearts. The problem is that all this mixing takes up space and can give an unwanted unsightly effect. You need to have metrics so that your walls don’t look too busy and favor a certain harmony so that your decor remains cohesive. Attention, this is not a reason to leave them empty either! Let’s talk about colors to finish: if they bring fantasy and cheerfulness to your main room, do not overdo it in order not to lose elegance! Also watch out for colors that are too dark! Do not overdo it, the accumulation of dark shades can bring sadness and significantly reduce the space.

what are the trends for small living room decoration 2022

How to properly decorate a small living room?

Don’t panic, decorating a small living room is very easy. First, try to create a focal point: invite light and add depth. To do this, place a mirror in front of a window, if possible. It will therefore reflect the view outside and give the impression of an additional window. In addition, we advise you to prefer small living room furniture instead of large sofas. Indeed, it will tend to reduce the space in your room. Likewise, to limit clutter, choose furniture with built-in storage: chest or coffee table for example. Opt for ottomans that can be used as a coffee table as well as additional seating. Another option is side tables that can be easily moved and transferred from one room to another. If your small living room happens to have high ceilings, take advantage of them! This is a very effective trick to give the impression ofexpand your small space and make your living room look bigger than it really is.

Finally, a corner sofa is an excellent choice to decorate a small living room! Indeed, it has the advantage that it can comfortably accommodate many people. To top it off, there is no shortage of trendy corner sofas on the market. Their straight, clean lines will fit well in your small living room. If the sofa in the middle of the room has the wind in its sails, it is not necessarily a good idea in a small room. In this area, the backless sofa can be a practical and elegant alternative. But, small or large living room, a sofa is not always enough. In this case, an additional small armchair or a small pouf can be a nice cozy atmosphere. Keep in mind that clean lines with higher legs to give a more airy style are popular for decorating a modern living room in 2022.

small living room decorating solutions 2022

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