What are the best home decorations?

Why present a decoration for the house?

Who does not dream of improving their living environment by furnishing their interior in a pleasant way? Interior decoration helps to beautify and make your home more attractive. To do this, you must have the accessories to create the desired atmosphere. The choice of decorations is based on two criteria: comfort and beauty.

There are different types of home decoration. You won’t run out of ideas to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. Even if the decoration varies according to the taste and the styles of each one, certain accessories can be suitable for all the hearths.

Because lighting is essential in a home, why not offer an original lamp for your friends and a member of your family? There is a wide variety of bedside lamps that are both practical and decorative.

Many appreciate plants to decorate their interior. Apart from the flowers, the pots can be personalized to become real decorative accessories.

It is reusable every year and brings warmth and the atmosphere of Christmas to your home. Thanks to its shape, it can still be used every day of the year to decorate your living room.

Nothing better to decorate a large blank wall than to hang paintings on it! Just like picture frames, they brighten up without cluttering. Even better if the person is an art lover.

Some people appreciate retro decorations that take you back in time. In this case, all you need is an accessory that marked an era and that’s it.

Our selection of the best home decoration ideas is based on the examples below.

Our choice: an indoor and outdoor fireplace lamp

The table fireplace lamp from Höfats is ideal for bringing a touch of originality to your interior. It is both functional and decorative. This lamp works with bioethanol, which allows it to offer a whirlwind of flames in its glass cylinder with a solid base. This accessory naturally finds its place on the bedside table, desk and even an outdoor table.

This lamp is our favorite for its distribution of a pleasant warmth in addition to the light and the decorative effect. It brings elegance indoors and a campfire atmosphere outside or on the terrace. Can be used for any occasion, it is practical to warm up before a good book during autumn and winter evenings.

A turntable for a vintage style

This brand turntable record player Sony is a perfect example of the vintage accessory. It is perfect in a vintage or sober style interior. The record player brings a touch of originality to its decoration while playing good music.

We had a preference for this record player because of its mood-setting side. Indeed, in addition to bringing a decorative side to its interior, it can stream music from your smartphone thanks to its Bluetooth function. Just connect it to the phone and press “play”. You can also connect it with your speakers or headphones.

Frameless paintings for a modern decoration

What better way to brighten up your walls than this Heimlich Brand Frameless Wall Art Pictures ! It looks more like posters or posters, it will bring a modern and artistic effect to interior decoration. With abstract art, they are suitable for many decor styles, including vintage style.

We appreciated this decoration for the possibility to choose paintings from more than 100 sets offered. This set is ideal for birthdays or moving into a new home or to decorate his office.

personalized flower pots

The Playmobil indoor flower pots from the Lechuza brand can illuminate both its interior and its exterior. In the form of a cartoon round head, children can be more motivated to take care of plants. Measuring 21 x 21 x 16 cm and weighing less than 1 kg, they provide plants with a place to grow and decorations for their home.

We liked these 1.2l flower pots for their playfulness. Indeed, the eyes that adorn them indicate the amount of water remaining in its reservoir. Moreover, thanks to the water tank system, the plants will be regularly supplied as in nature. The resin in which these pots are designed allows them to withstand the rays of the sun, scratches and other shocks. In addition, this material is 100% recyclable. These Playmobil flower pots come with saucers to prevent staining your windowsills or table.

A poinsettia for the holiday season

Christmas decorations come out of the closet at the beginning of December. That lights4fun lights Christmas star is especially appreciated to bring the atmosphere of the end of the year celebrations. At 60 cm in diameter, it is clearly visible without being bulky. Its 80 warm white LEDs are powered by 3 AA LR06 batteries. Then simply program the timer the time you want it to turn on in the evening.

We chose this star for his ability to easily create a Christmas atmosphere in his home. Thanks to its warm lights, it is even possible to install it earlier in autumn to provide warmth. Like Christmas wreaths, this star is reusable. It will be enough to buy new batteries for it when you reinstall it.

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