Traditional galette des rois recipe

To crown this year’s Epiphany with gluttony, (re)discover the traditional recipe for the galette des rois! Crispy, melty, soft… it has everything to delight your taste buds! And even if you can’t find the fève, you will inevitably be the king or queen of the party…

“I like galettes, you know how?” Now that you have the song in your head, it’s time to get into the kitchen to prepare a delicious galette des rois. And with this recipe, you can’t go wrong! Everyone will love the softness and crunch of this traditional galette des rois, a pure delight for the taste buds. Also try our version rolled for more originality! If you have vegan guests around the table, no problem: here’s a vegan recipe, without butter or egg. And because indulgence is never over, we invite you to discover it Brioche of Kings, generous and ultra-soft! You really are going to be the king or queen of Epiphany this year with all these preparations…

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To make this recipe, follow the steps below:


For 6 persons


– 2 puff pastry
– 2 whole eggs + 1 yolk
– 100 g of sugar
– 10 g of flour
– 90 g of butter
– 140 g almond powder
– 1 bean

Preparation :

1. Beat the whole eggs and the sugar until the mixture turns white. Add the flour, soft butter and ground almonds.

2. Mix well and set aside.

3. Roll out a puff pastry and spread the previous preparation evenly, leaving a free outline of 2 to 3 cm.

4. Hide the bean and then cover with the second puff pastry and seal the edges well.

5. Turn the galettes over and brush with egg yolk.

6. With the tip of a knife, form a small chimney in the center and then decorate the galette by pressing lightly.

7. Bake for 20 minutes at 200°C.

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