Top 10 punchlines from Nordine Ganso, a funny and stylish guy

Nordine Ganso, who was chosen as the funniest student in France by the Campus Comedy Tour in 2017, with a sketch that exceeded 3.5 million views on YouTube, has grown a lot since then. Indeed, he subsequently made the first parts of the Tour of the Zéniths de l’incroyable Paul Mirabelparticipated in the prestigious Montreux Comedy Festival, as well as the “Jeune et Golri” series about OCS, and is now a hit with his show “Violet” in Paris, and on tour in France. See what you can also take your place for just like this.

So, before you rush to get your tickets, here are some of his best jokes, available on the internet, just to give you a taste of his immense talent.

I come from Bordeaux, I drove 10 hours to come, I took a bus, a train, so just for the journey, you have to laugh at all my jokes. If it’s funny, we laugh, if it’s not funny, we think about moving.

Sex I’ve often been told: “You’ll see, it’s amazing, there’s nothing better on earth, you’ll love it”. Uh … I spent 3 months in Martinique, I discovered jet skiing: I prefer! So the half hour costs a little more, but it’s better you see. And even then, what time, when you sleep with a girl, do you see dolphins?

I have friends, they tell me: “Yes, I’m boycotting Qatar, I’m not going to the World Cup!” Who invited you? There is no one who wants you there!

H&M ran an ad campaign, and one of the sweatshirts read: “I’m the coolest monkey in the jungle.” And it turns out that this sweatshirt was a little black guy wearing it… When I saw it, I was very shocked, very surprised. Because we all know it’s the panda, the coolest animal in the jungle.

There is a friend of mine who flirted with a girl I really liked, so to take revenge, I created a fake Facebook account, on which I pretended to be a girl, and every night I had fun flirting with my friend. It was cool, I saw him fall into the trap, I enjoyed my revenge. Until the moment I realized that I… I became attached to him! […] Deep inside me there is a super good girl who is suffering!

I’m not hiding from you that being a virgin is complicated on a daily basis. Some time ago I was in a relationship with a girl, and one night she sent me a message, she said to me: “Come to my house, there is no one”. In the mind of a normal guy, when your girlfriend tells you “Come to my house, there’s nobody there”, it means you’re going to have a good night. In the mind of a virgin guy, when your girl sends you “Come to my house, there’s no one”, it means “Come to my house, there’s no one”.

I met this girl in a club, and with her, good feeling, we even had a kiss on the mouth. And you know, when she kissed me, she wasn’t drunk, so the kiss counts, you know.

I failed my driver’s license 5 times, and I did 195 hours of driving at driving school. I did more hours than my instructor!

Putin scares me. And I saw that he had children. He is a good father. But for sure they tidy their rooms!

I love girls too much, it’s too good. I’m afraid to drill, I don’t want to drill too much. Because if I drill too much, there will be too many chicks! And I don’t want there to be too many chicks. I want to see 2, just 2.

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