The Marsupilami: the legend continues!

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The Marsupilami is irresistible! For decades, the hero created by Franquin has never stopped winning new generations of fans. And in 2023 it even invites itself to children’s menus at Quick!

It was in 1952 that the Marsupilami first appeared in the album “Spirou and the Heirs“. He is then just a secondary character, in the shadow of Spirou and Fantasio. But from his first steps the Marsupilami marks the spirits. An imaginary animal in which we find characteristics of the kangaroo, the koala but also the cheetah and the monkey, the Marsupilami lives in the pristine forest of Palombia surrounded by his companion and their three children. Beautiful creatures named Bibi, Bobo and Bibu. Funny and whimsical, the Marsupilami is endearing to young and old.

The Marsupilami, child hero at Quick

From January 17, the Marsupilami, freshly landed from its native Palombia, arrives at Quick. At every age its Marsupilami. 4-7 year olds will find 4 pockets of 4 scratch cards in their Magic Box (with the help of their parents!). A total of 16 cards must be collected across 4 different themes to discover all the facets of the Marsupilami (in the jungle, with the family, etc.). Whether the children are already familiar with the character or just discovering it, they will be amazed by these very beautiful images that can even be used to decorate their room.

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8-11 year olds are not left out with comics to discover in their Fun Box. They will be able to read the adventures of their favorite hero with the 3 comics to collect: “Heart of Stars”, “Santa calamidad” and “Quilzèmhoal”. The opportunity to share beautiful family moments with this transgenerational hero!

The Marsupilami, a furry superhero

The Marsupilami is adorable, with its big, expressive eyes and spotted yellow coat. But his secret asset is… his tail. A tail that allows it to protect its own, to swing, to jump, and is an inexhaustible source of fun or engaging situations. Because the Marsupilami has a big heart and never leaves a friend in a difficult situation, even if he has to fight a fierce battle! Despite his limited language, “houba houba”, “houba houba hop” and “habou” being his favorite onomatopoeia, the Marsupilami hits the mark. A real superhero!

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From secondary character to hero of his own albums

After playing second fiddle to Spirou and Fantasio, the Marsupilami became the hero of his own albums. It was in 1987 that the series was started, still under the auspices of Franquin who worked with Greg on the script and Batem on the drawing. The heroes are then a family of wild and mischievous marsupials with whom a thousand and one adventures happen. Dozens of albums to follow, with new releases every year! The hero created by Franquin also had the honor of the big screen in 2012 with the film adaptation proposed by Alain Chabat. “On the trail of Marsupilami”, with Jamel Debbouze, which achieved great success!

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