the best lamps to decorate your room

Want to dress up your personal space with lamps featuring your favorite manga characters? Do it in style with our comparison!

Reading manga is good. It’s better to be able to decorate your bedroom or living room with your favorite character! To fill your shelf full of volumes of your favorite manga a little more, these LED lamps will do wonders. Here is our comparison of the best models!

A stylish Naruto LED lamp

Signed by Masashi KishimotoNaruto made a lasting impression on the public its gallery of incredible characters and its detailed universe. This LED lamp with the image of the ninja skilled in multi-cloning (we challenge you to have 10/10 in this quiz) pays a perfect tribute to the manga and its designer. Suggested by the manufacturer lamchinshe offers 16 different RGB lights and did 4 distinct brightness levels.

The box provided with the lamp has the following items: an acrylic plate, a lamp base, a USB cable, a remote control and a mini lamp base. In short, a complete set that will dress up your space as it should!

Lamcchim Uzumaki 3D Manga Lamp Uchiha Itachi and Sasuke Remote Control Bedroom Night Lamp with 16 Colors Figure Manga Bedside Lamp Kids Decoration Light

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€20.99 on Amazon

A Goku bedside lamp for Dragon Ball fans

The most famous manga in the world, Dragon Ball, shines high among the stars of Japanese comics. No one will be surprised to see Son goku, the flagship of Akira Toriyama’s masterpiece, proudly displayed atop an LED lamp. This brand model CKWwhich has 7 colors and 3 different light modesoffers its users a very nice 3D optical effect.

Designed in acrylic, it allows you to contemplate Goku as a child in all his glory, perfectly respecting the features of the designer. of a height of 22.5 centimeters, this LED lamp will fit perfectly on a desk, a shelf or a bedside table. It is offered at a reasonable price and is an ideal gift for a fan.

3D Optical Illusion Lamp LED Night Light, CKW 7 Colors Touch Bedside Lamp Bedroom Table Art Deco Kids Night Light with USB Cable Novelty Christmas Birthday Gift (Dragon Ball 10)

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€18.99 on Amazon

A one-piece lamp bearing the likeness of Portgas D. Ace

One Piece has been the most popular manga work for several years. It is even the best selling manga of all time 500 million copies sold. To have class at home and impress the gallery, it is better to be able to count on the presence of a charismatic character. That’s fine, that’s the case Portgas D. Ace ! Luffy’s adopted brother is a character that never leaves anyone indifferent every time he appears on screen, and there is no reason to change with this beautiful LED lamp.

Presented by the brand GEZHFit has 7 different colors (red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple, white) that perfectly bring out the silhouette of the pirate. The lamp comes with a soft, uniform and non-flickering light and uses a high quality LED, which does not sting the eyes. All in all, a great decorative gift for fans!

GEZHF ONE Piece Portgas D Ace Animation 3D Night Light with Remote Control 16 Colors LED Touch Light Desk Lamp Bedroom Light Kids Gift

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18€ on Amazon

A Demon Slayer LED lamp

Demon Slayer is part of the next generation of manga (the famous new Big 3), and it is well deserved. The moving story of Tanjirō Kamado and his sister Nezuko is one of the most moving to follow, and allows us to profound study of the human soul.

This brand LED lamp Hislovy in the image of the main hero represents 16 different lights, all adjustable from a remote control. The brightness level is also fully adjustable, and the model has 4 different RGB modes (gradient or rapid color changes) to ensure maximum atmosphere. Try the adventure!

Table Night Light 3D Illusion LED Bedside Lamp Led Night Lamp Creative 16 Colors Rechargeable Disc 3D Night Light with Remote Control (Kamado Tanjirou)

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€21.99 instead of €25.99 on Amazon

So, do you have a favorite lamp?

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