the best colors to have a beautiful room!

You want to highlight your room and add to it a touch of color ? Think of the headboard! A subtle way to personalize your room. From relaxing to vibrant shades, find out which ones will blend in perfectly your decor.

Headboard: the colors to adopt to have a beautiful bedroom

You don’t want to risk too much with bold colors, choose a fairly soft shade. Whether it’s sky blue, pastel pink or verdigris, it will bring an atmosphere relaxed to spend good nights. Bright shades can enhance the look of your bedroom and bring depth to the room. You can e.g paint part of the wall or add to it trendy wallpaper : graphic, geometric, panoramic… This makes it possible to delineate the spaces and to validate the whole.

Bedroom: the different types of headboards to choose from

There are many types of headers. For an elegant and timeless effect, velvet will offer you a cocoon of sleep. If you love wood and natural decor, a rustic headboard is perfect for you bedroom. Choose designer or vintage leather-effect models for maximum comfort. The headers in fabric is warm and invites you to relax. The metal models are more modern and will light up the room.

Bedroom: a headboard in natural material

The natural materials , stand out in current headwear trends. In toesmanner caning Where in wood in their raw state the textures offer directly from nature heat to one room. Combined with wooden furniture, natural headboards can also be painted to brighten bedroom !

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