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The headboard is much more than an accessory in the bedroom. Invented to help protect the bed from cold drafts in the homes of yesteryear, this accessory now has several functions, both from the point of view of decorating the space and its functionality. At Designmag, we’ve talked a lot about solutions in terms of creating headers that are both original and easy to set up. Today we continue on the same topic and invite you to discover another solution to decorate your bedroom with a cheap, fun and functional headboard: the adhesive headboard plate. To learn more, scroll down!

Adhesive headboard plate, what is it and what are its benefits?

bedroom wall sticker

Is it a good idea to bet on an adhesive plate to create a headboard and complete the decoration of your bedroom? And what are the benefits of this solution? These are the questions to which we will seek the answer below.

The header sticker, what is it?

original header cheap sticker

As the name suggests, the adhesive plate, also known as sticker, for headboard is an accessory that can be easily glued onto an existing support. As for support, we can consider the wall behind the bed or even a headboard that is already in place. Depending on the type of adhesive, you can easily apply such an element to various types of supports. You will therefore have the possibility to complete the interior of the bedroom for children or adults with an element that is accessible and original at the same time.

What are the advantages of this decorative solution for the bedroom?

original glue headboard sticker

The adhesive headboard offers several advantages from a bedroom decoration point of view. To begin with, such an item is easy to install and can help you easily adjust the space behind your bed. The models offered by specialist stores are very diverse, making it possible to choose a range of colors, patterns or even images that match a specific style of decoration. As a result, you have the freedom to choose a sticker that matches the atmosphere of your rest area or your child’s room.

A creative and inexpensive decoration to spruce up the room

natural wood effect adhesive headboard

An adhesive decoration for the headboard can help you renovate your bed space without making a big investment. In fact, when fitted to an existing headboard, this plate allows you to camouflage imperfections without removing the relevant headboard. It is therefore an economical and smart solution to redecorate this corner of the bedroom.

The headboard sticker to decorate the child’s room

customize kids room sticker

An adhesive headboard plate can also help you customize the bedroom easily for child. In this case, you can opt for fun patterns that help create a more welcoming space for your daughter or for your son. Also, since children often like to change the decoration of their rooms, this solution is ideal if you have decided to refresh the appearance of this room, but do not want to spend a lot of money on this project.

Original options in terms of textures and colors

padded effect glue headboard

An adhesive head in the form of a sticker can also imitate different surfaces and materials. For example, today there are self-adhesive accessories of this type that have a 3D appearance and very successfully imitate the appearance of wood, the appearance of an upholstered headboard or other materials such as textiles. , for example. It is therefore a decorative option that is very accessible and that offers many possibilities from the point of view of decorating the bed. Especially since you can now also choose between several color palettes to best harmonize the sticker of your choice with the atmosphere in the room.

Great solutions for creating an accent wall

accent wall headboard sticker

You should also know that there are great solutions that allow you to decorate a larger part of the wall behind the bed, or even the entire wall with a sticker of this type. By focusing on this approach, you can go further in decorating the room and create an original accent wall. Some of the most popular options for this type of wall decoration are natural wood effect stickers, wallpaper panels or even geometric patterns. For the children’s bedroom, you can choose stickers with characters from animated series or comic books.

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