Stéphane Plaza’s advice for decorating a bedroom in bohemian style

How to renovate a bedroom in bohemian style, give it an atmosphere of freedom, a taste of elsewhere? First, you need to understand this aesthetic. This style reflects a fascination with nomadic life and freedom, appeared in the 19th century when artists settled in less expensive gypsy neighborhoods in the capital. This bohemian style evokes non-conformism and freedom.

The bohemian style is defined by lack of structure, There is no rule. Everyone is free to express their creativity without fear of excess. It is a true invitation to travel characterized by the accumulation of colors, materials and objects. The key word of this style is the freedom to mix colors and materials to obtain a heterogeneous but aesthetic result. A bohemian interior is characterized by natural materials such as a rattan mirror, a bamboo lamp, wicker chairs, a wool plate with a pompom. All this brings softness and authenticity.

Bohemian colors are all variations of terracotta (ochre, red, brown, beige), warm and earthy colors, which combine perfectly with this style. These are ideal colors for parts of walls, on cushions, carpets. To add style and energize your interior, you can add touches of green thanks to the indoor plants.

The dream catcher is essential

Carpets with ethnic motifs, macrame plant hangers, mirrors, woven baskets are essential items in this style. Without forgetting the emblem of the bohemian style, the dream catcher, essential object to sit as a headboard. Floral patterns, whether on wallpaper or linen, as well as colorful ethnic patterns on cushions, throws, rugs, occupy a large place in the rooms of the house with this timeless style. So they should not be neglected.

When it comes to exercise, you need to think about bringing lightness. Let light in, with a choice of vapor curtains. For furniture, choose for antique furniture. Keep in mind that bohemian style is closer to vintage furniture than recent.
Think about berber carpet, centerpiece of the bohemian style to sit in front of your bed just like the macrame dream catcher at the head of the bed to spend peaceful nights. To create a warm sleeping area: rely on linen. Cushions, plaids with pompoms, reinforce a folkloric spirit. And finally, let’s bring some life and color to this style, with a cactus which perfectly complements the white wall of your room.

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