St. Jean. Pallet workshops: the last meeting soon

Saturday 14 January at 14:00 the barrier building workshop with the pallets took place at the municipal workshops. Riad, the reception officer of Les Granges was present to supervise the participants. Seven people were present, including Lucie, who came with her 3 daughters. She explains that this is the second time they have participated: “we are also interested in planting the trees in April”.

Morgane, aged 5, “loves to hammer the nails into the pallets and remove them, but it’s mum who uses the crowbar”. Ophélie (8) “loved the first time and I wanted to come back because I like to remove the nails”. And Enora 9 years old, “likes to do everything, the pallets, the plant and the decoration of the pallets, I like to tinker.”

Dominique was there with her grandson Jules, who explains: “I use a hammer to fix the nails, because afterwards it’s easier to remove them”.

Agathe is a member of the Northeast Toulouse Association in transition. “What is great is that the planting will be done around the lake, I will be able to take advantage of it. I wanted to participate in the construction of the barriers because it is a very interesting workshop. The aspect of ecology, environment and nature appeals to me a lot”. Riad was pleased with this early afternoon with children and families.

A full day is scheduled for Saturday, January 21. Contact 05 32 09 67 41

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