Sales: Here are the top 5 sales you shouldn’t miss this week

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Here are the 5 best products on sale of the week

The long-awaited Sunday has finally arrived. After a Saturday full of activities, it’s time for a real moment of relaxation. The ideal way to give yourself a moment to find the best deals in these 2023 sales. But the possibilities are so great that you don’t really know where to turn. That’s why we’ve put together this selection of ultra-attractive promotions. All you have to do is turn on your computer and let it guide you.

1. Take advantage of this incredible 50% discount on this Beurer CM 50 anti-cellulite device

Complexes are the bane of women. And it takes many forms. It can be about the skin, the weight, a physical characteristic or even cellulite on the hips, buttocks and arms. If all the bodies are beautiful, you also have the opportunity to make adjustments to gain confidence. This is where this Beurer CM 50 anti-cellulite device comes in. With it you can reduce what is called “orange peel”. It’s also at a bargain price on Darty for the sales. It will cost you just over €26.99 instead of €54.99. This is an unbeatable promotion of 50%. You will therefore save the very nice amount of €28.

Smooth your skin with the palpate-roll technique

Significantly reduce your complexes with this incredible 50% reduction on this Beurer CM 50 anti-cellulite device

Buy this device anti cellulite Butter CM 50 for €39.99 on Darty

There is nothing to be done, this complex ruins your life almost daily. You have multiplied the methods to overcome it, but nothing works. Cellulite is still present. To reduce it once and for all, choose this Beurer CM 50 anti-cellulite device It reproduces the familiar gesture of palpation and rolling. Your blood circulation in the skin and subcutaneous tissue will therefore be strengthened by this connective tissue massage. The result: truly smoother skin. If you want maximum efficiency or, on the contrary, more softness, you have the choice between 2 different massage intensities. Legs, buttocks, arms, all areas where cellulite is rampant, can be massaged. But beware, this device is not enough to reduce it significantly. It should be combined with physical activity and a balanced diet. So you know what to do.

2. Don’t miss this special promotion 33% off this Okoia Hair-Wavert curling iron

Adopting a glamorous look is not as complicated as you think. Some easy-to-do tricks are sure to hit the mark. If the beautiful tight black dress or the red mouth are key details, the curly hair also has maximum effect. This is what you should bet on to add a touch of sensuality to your outfit. So add to your plethora of gadgets to pamper yourself with this Okoia Hair-Wavert Curling Iron. It’s also at a much reduced price on Darty thanks to the sales. Indeed, you will only have to pay €19.99 instead of €29.99 to make it your own. A very nice reduction of 33% waiting for you. Such a device for less than 20 € is a bargain.

Multiple golf styles to try

Beautiful waves are yours with this Okoia Hair-Wavert curling iron

Buy this curling iron Okoya Hair-Wavert on Darty for €19.99

The long-awaited new year is getting closer. So you prepare your look in advance to be sure to impress everyone on D-day. If the make-up and the outfit have already been confirmed, you are still hesitating about the hairstyle. The beautiful curls obtained with your new Okoia Hair-Wavert curling iron really attract you. But we have yet to test the different versions. Depending on the thickness of the wick wrapped around the iron or the heating time, the waves will look really different. Light waves, more pronounced, straight curls or simple waves, you can do it all.

The curls will be more defined than ever thanks to the three cylinders of the device. They also take care of your hair with their ceramic design. The coating presented in the same material also plays this role. And regardless of your hair type, they all have the right to beautiful waves with this device. Personalization possible thanks to the 5 different temperature levels. All you have to do is make your choice!

3. Less than €50 for this beautiful Morgan sweater dress

The sweater dress is not just a comfort piece. Don’t just take it for a garment made of big stitches and big volumes, not at all. It can also become an eminently sexy asset and attract all eyes. You have signed the proof in image with this version Morgan. About you the silhouette that strong sensual quotient. The greatly reduced price on Amazon for the sales should finally convince you. It is indeed offered at €48.00 instead of €60.00. This is a very nice reduction of 20%. A Morgan dress for under €50 is a bargain not to be missed.

A dress with sexy curves

Yes, the sweater dress can be sexy as this version by Morgan shows

Buy this beautiful Morgan sweater dress at €30.00 on Amazon

This dress cut is the one to adopt to be in fashion in 2023. It’s proof that you can be sexy no matter the season. We are talking here about the bodycon dress, or close to the body. No, it is not only worn in the summer. In a sweater-dress version like the one Morgan suggests, it becomes an option when the temperatures drop. The silhouette is highlighted here more than ever with its tight cut. Your legs also look slimmer than ever with its short side. And thanks to the long sleeves that decorate it, you will never get cold.

But it’s not just a black dress. This is turned here with black stripes on the top of the dress and visible through a subtle interplay of textures. A more than emphatic reference to the emblematic marinière of couturier Jean-Paul Gaultier. For an ever more present sexiness, a zipper allows you to choose the depth of the neckline you want. Hot! This detail is also completely in line with the biker trend seen especially on the Vuitton spring-summer 2023 show. And the timeless black it sports is there to balance the sensual side with a touch of elegance. To try it is to adopt it!

4. Unbeatable reduction of 44% on this Playmobil Ayuma hanging house box set

If the fairies have powerful magical powers, they still haven’t managed to find the solution to not having to sleep anymore. And they cannot afford to be tired. Indeed, they are faced with many enemies who can attack them at any time. We then wonder what their house might look like. It must be clearly nature-oriented. Although it is small, it contains everything needed to live as it should. But your child will find out with this Playmobil Ayuma suspended playhouse box set. His discount on Fnac is also unbeatable. So it is offered at €14.50 compared to €25.99 before. You benefit from an unimaginable 44% promotion. Don’t wait any longer to save more than €10.

A small and warm house

Your child will have a good night’s sleep with this Playmobil Ayuma suspended playhouse box set

Buy this Playmobil box Ayuma suspended house on the Fnac at 14.50 €

The fairies practiced hard today to improve their game. They are exhausted and therefore deserve good hours of sleep. Go to her little house for this pink-haired fairy. And it is by flying that she reaches her hut which is located in your child’s room. Inside and out, it is presented in an intense blue and decorated with details of flowers and leaves. A carved log and a large sheet serve as bed and sheet. To prevent it from getting cold, the essential blanket and pillow are also included.

Coquetry required, a wooden dressing table is installed in a corner. Comb, mirror, she has everything you need to look beautiful. But it’s time to decorate the small bedroom with sparkling stars. And the beautiful hair fairy needs your little one’s flawless taste for it. Night is already falling, so the lantern is on. Before we fall into the arms of Morpheus, a good book awaits our supernatural being!

5. You’re not dreaming this Miraculous Ladybug feature doll is 50% off

This is one of the cartoons that has created the most buzz in recent years. Around the world, children followed the adventures of these university students in hero hats. We are talking about the Miraculous Ladybug series here. Marinette and Adrien, two teenagers, are here transformed into heroes named Ladybug and Cat Noir. They are tasked with saving Paris from the evil Papillon. This villain dreams of regaining hero powers. To achieve this, they turn Parisians into supervillains. The only way for Ladybug and Cat Noir to free them is to capture their Akoumas. Your child will be able to imagine a thousand and one stories with this Marvelous Lady Bug feature doll. Don’t miss his promotion on Fnac for the sales. The price therefore drops from €39.99 to €20. An XXL discount of 50% is coming your way. You will have this doll for only 20 €.

A doll very faithful to the original

Your child will have fun with their favorite heroine thanks to this Miraculous Ladybug doll with function

Buy that function pop Wonderful Ladybug for 20 € on Fnac

Miraculous brings luck, Lady magic and Lady happiness! If you have a little Miraculous fan at home, this song should be a part of your daily life. And of course for your greatest pleasure. There had to be a new song after the Snow Queen. Give her the perfect gift, even if your ears might not get over it, with this Miraculous Lady Bug feature doll. This character is larger than life. Indeed, we find all the characteristics of the heroine of the series. From the costume to the hair and the mask, nothing is left to chance. And of course his trusty magic yo-yo is in the game. But that’s not all, it’s also interactive. She spoke and lifted her earrings. A thousand and one adventures await your child!

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