Posters to boost your decorating: advice and shopping choices

The advantage of the poster is that it easily decorates the walls. It is a decorative element that brings charm and requires few resources. Because yes, if a poster looks better in a frame and brings a soft effect, it is not mandatory! A nice visual plaster on the wall with simple patafix can have a small effect.

Some poster styles will be more or less suitable depending on your decorating styles. However, posters can also bring a break in the decoration. In a classic decoration, we can go for example on posters of reproductions of paintings. Those of Monet or Van Gogh are also very fashionable. Or on the contrary, break the classic side with more contemporary and colorful posters.

Each decoration has its poster style

For a minimalist decoration (organic, Scandinavian, contemporary…), we can afford more or less everything. Again, you can stay in continuity with posters with abstract patterns and illustrations and clean lines, neutral colors. Or, we might as well break the clean side with busy and colorful visuals.

For a more industrial style, it is best to opt for black and white photos or vintage posters. It reproduces footage from old advertisements, or even old magazine covers.

With an inside greenboho style, aim for botanical illustrations and designs or nature photos that will perfectly match your decor.

In the kitchen there are beautiful culinary illustrations. Asian-inspired, advertising visuals, cocktail illustrations, fruit and vegetable designs… The choice is wide.

For a poster that matches all styles of decor, turn to movie posters. They bring a real personality to the decoration, especially if you have a history with the film. Moreover, there are so many that there is bound to be a film whose atmosphere stays with you inside. Cartoon posters are very suitable for, for example, children’s rooms. What child doesn’t dream of a giant Totoro on display in their bedroom?

Not all styles are listed, but you can take inspiration from our selection of posters in the slideshow above.

Endless posters?

You still need to consider the size of your wall and the decoration already in place. The risk? Crowding the room or with a poster that is too small, lost in the middle of a large wall. To make sure you choose the right size, measure the width of your wall and multiply the result by 0.57 to get the correct ratio. Attention, this does not mean that the associations of tables are impossible, the diptych, triptych or the compositions are possible. Provided you have the space and make a harmonious and balanced composition, with coordinated posters. Guides for properly placing your paintings are available online.

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