Our tips and inspiration for decorating your toilet

Beyond the style comes the question of the technical materials to be used. We prefer the tiling on the floor, as well as in the base of the walls, to facilitate daily maintenance. In terms of style, you can completely mix two different types of tiling.

For colors we can afford (almost) everything because the toilet is not a living room. Even dark colors are allowed! If you are looking for a more neutral atmosphere, stick to light and sober colors, but play on the materials (tiles, wooden shelves, etc.). On the sober side, you can also try the black and white duo, it will give a real timeless character to your toilet.

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Cement tiles, always there

Cement tiles are inevitably available in toilets on the floor as well as on the walls (like here). The advantage is that you can find many types of cement tiles on the market, which allows you to vary the styles. They can also get married with various types of decoration. So this is a great way to have fun decorating!

Toilets clad in terrazzo

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It’s THE trend of the moment, and it’s available everywhere. the terrazzo is available everywhere and the idea of ​​putting it in the toilet is bold. If you are looking for an original, fun and trendy decoration: terrazzo is for you.

Bold bold colors

As mentioned above, we can indeed face dark colors in the toilets, even if the surface of the room is small. Monochrome is also suitable for a small toilet. Bold colors are a great way to add atmosphere to the room.

A wall of frames for an art gallery side

Very decorative, this idea will give a charm to your toilets and something to show your guests who will pass by. This is a simple way to personalize the room while making it original. It is up to you to see what kind of paintings (abstract art, realistic photos, paintings, etc.) you want to compose with.


For more softness and simplicity, opt for white tiles and pastel colors, which are very fashionable. More versatile, this decoration is no less adaptable and brightens up your toilet.

Wallpaper in the toilet?

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The wallpaper trend does not escape the toilets! It is preferred to install the latter on the upper part of the walls, to facilitate maintenance. Choose a washable one to avoid complications and extend the life. You can risk the total look if your wallpaper is sober, but for once the surface invites us more to concentrate the pattern on a single section of the wall (as in the photo). The wallpaper is perfect if you want to create a strong atmosphere, as in this example with a jungle decoration.

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