Nîmes: at 27, Baptiste Ibrahim starts his personal services business in La Placette

His company has been working since July in a vast area from Quissac to Remoulins, via Nîmes or Vauvert.

At the age of 27, after a work-study master’s degree and starting his career in a major sports and leisure brand, Baptiste Ibrahim decided to create his own company, he who defines himself as “optimistic. I like trading, and I wanted to sell services and not products.” The experiences of his grandmother, who had just passed away, would lead him to a domain: “I wanted to participate in the personal services project, to help others in my own way.”

And because he didn’t want to “throw alone”he is backed by a franchise: in July the young man, originally from Vaucluse and companion of a Gardoise, founded his agency Center Services, in a clean and contemporary premises, located at the Placette. “It is an emblematic district, close to the Ecusson and Jean-Jaurès hubs, where parking is easy.”

Six speakers

Six months after its foundation, the young entrepreneur does not count his hours, “working from Monday to Sunday”: the six workers he recruited intervene in the homes of twenty-eight individuals, from Quissac to Remoulins, via Vauvert or Nimes. “I am waiting for the approval of the Apa (Personal Autonomy Allowance). My clients are mainly in business or young retirees.” Customers looking for cleaning, ironing, childcare, gardening, DIY, etc. “Many are still unaware of it, but the immediate advance of the tax credit is in place: we therefore only pay 50% of the bill.”
He, who has always known how to bounce back after thinking of being a decorative painter or a sports teacher, is now developing in an economic sector“Lively but very competitive with, in Nîmes, about twenty companies and about thirty associations. I am looking for reliable, trustworthy employees: I currently have 400 CVs waiting, trust Baptiste Ibrahim.I invested all my savings in the company. I thought long and hard before I started. In retrospect, I think it also requires a bit of madness… Because administratively it is very complicated. You have to believe in your projects…”

Service Centre, Place de la Placette 2, Tel 06 89 96 81 12.

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