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What are the characteristics of a Japanese-style room?

The bedroom is a very important room in the house and it requires constant maintenance. It indeed represents our living space because it is where we relax, sleep, recharge our batteries and spend a large majority of our time there. That’s why we always try to decorate, arrange and create to make the space attractive and comfortable. To do this, we look at all styles of decoration, from the most classic to the most atypical and exotic styles, such as the Japanese style. Let’s take a closer look at this style of decoration!

What are the characteristics of a bedroom with Japanese decoration?

Briefly specify the main criteria of the Japanese style, which can be roughly described by two key words: tradition and minimalism. A concise design and the absence of excessive ornaments are easily described, three main elements are important for a typical Japanese bedroom and they are:

  • the minimalist side;
  • the natural side;
  • the functional side.

The minimalist side: a space free of decorative ornaments and accessories can create ideal conditions for relaxation and rest after a hard day’s work. So, a room with colors, martial and minimalist furniture, is necessary for a Japanese decor.

The natural side: the human relationship with nature is strengthened by the use of materials that are natural, namely wood, bamboo, rattan, natural silk, linen and cotton, in decoration and interior design. The coloring should also be natural, especially brown, green and dark red.

The functional side: the correct arrangement of furniture, shelves, wall decorations and cupboards, gives you the possibility to better organize everything you need and make sure that you save as much free space as possible.

So Japanese design is specifically suited for people who are tired of the hustle and bustle of big cities and are looking for scenery and tranquility. This style of bedroom interior is advisable for lovers of simple and concise design solutions.

What colors to choose for the Japanese decoration of a room?

You should know that the Japanese style especially prefers shades that are quite sober, such as:

  • the mole;
  • grey;
  • black;
  • cream-colored;
  • the White.

Favor the Zen aspect, this neutral and sober tone invites you to relax and unwind. Additionally, Japanese-style rooms tend to be quiet and minimalist. Soothing color choices will transform your room into a true oasis of tranquility, with a sense of security.

Japanese-style bedrooms therefore prefer neutral shades, but it is not forbidden to add a few touches of color. Opt for a room called ikigai in blue, this color emphasizes the Zen atmosphere of a Japanese room.

Brown or dark beige also contrasts withc lighter tone, without distorting the space, but stick to natural colors and avoid colors that are too bright, as they can ‘break’ the peaceful atmosphere you are trying to create. However, Japan, land of the rising sun, managed to bring red into the room. If you choose this color, you can add an accent to the interior of the room in the Japanese style.

decorative accessory from Japan
decorative accessory from Japan

The layout of a bedroom with Japanese decoration

The Japanese style bedroom is often very sober and very minimalistic. The goal is to create a sleek style space which encourages inner peace. This living space is specially designed to calm you down and recharge your batteries. The furniture you choose should match the colors already present in the room. Several pieces of furniture are typically Japanese. Above all, focus on natural materials, such as bamboo and sugar cane.

In general, the futon is the key element of the room and a perfect representation of the Japanese style. If you are not sure if this bedding is really suitable for you, you can choose a bed that is closer to the ground. Bedside tables and/or chests of drawers follow the same guidelines as beds. the sign Japanese style does not take up much space and adds beautiful color to your room.

Candles and small paper lamps are ideal for accenting a natural and zen atmosphere in the room. Do not hesitate to multiply them directly on the floor, on the chest of drawers or on the bedside table. To finish off, you can also decorate the walls with Japanese-inspired paintings, such as landscape paintings and calligraphy.

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