Lidl is a hit with its duvet covers for less than 22 euros!

Does your room need something new? So give her one of these Lidl duvet covers to elegantly decorate your bed!

To bring a new decorative touch to your room, Lidl has what it takes. Discover these chic duvet covers that will charm you. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Lidl always first on bargains

With winter never ending and the price of things relentlessly rising, some of us may be feeling a little slack in January.

After the euphoria of the holiday season, the energy crisis and inflation seems to have worked together to dampen our morale a bit. But, there is a solution for this: shopping at Lidl!

Indeed, nothing better than going to the discount retailer to score great deals to improve your buying power. From this Monday, January 30thcome buy this Parkside 3 in 1 vacuum cleaner with increased capacity.

Sold for less than 40 euros, it will surprise you with its beautiful performance. He is not the only one. At Lidl, those who want to save money will also love it this element to quickly have in your kitchen control water consumption.

With the discount holder, it’s easy to upgrade your daily life while saving your budget. The brand gives us proof of this almost every day.

This is also why Lidl continues to enjoy greater success with customers. Because she knows that she can get quality products at very often discounted prices.

Don’t just imagine fill your fridge with the sign. The latter also invites you to discover his best plans for your home. If you love taking care of your home, you’ve come to the right place.

And besides, these days it might be that the brand has a nice surprise in your bedroom. Indeed, Lidl competes with Zara Home by disclosure her most beautiful duvet covers. You’ll want to buy them all!

Lidl is a hit with its duvet covers for less than 22 euros!
Lidl is a hit with its duvet covers for less than 22 euros!

A variety of elegant bedding at low prices

How can you resist this beautiful printed material arriving at Lidl? Get inspired by these duvet covers of various models that will decorate your bedroom.

Made of 60% cotton and polyester, they have a count of 128 boys. This is the guarantee of an impeccable and resistant quality, as well as a soft material to the touch.

Took advantage A SANFOR treatment, these pieces are also guaranteed not to shrink in the machine. You can therefore wash them up to 60°C without fear.

Fall for the fresh patterns of these Livarno Home covers which will bring a touch of elegance to your bedding. With them you will love to dive into the arms of Morpheus every night.

Sell with dimensions of 240 x 220 cm at Lidl they are also each accompanied by two pillowcases of 65 x 65 cm.

Finally, the price of these covers should convince you to buy them as soon as possible before there is only one left. To own one of these duvet covers at home, plan to spend less than 22 euros. Who says better?

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