“It’s when you’re bored that you create”

What are the current trends?

It is always quite complicated to answer. Who am I to say it’s this or that? People tend to listen to me with big ears and big eyes saying: so, Sophie, say…

What are the current trends?

It is always quite complicated to answer. Who am I to say it’s this or that? People tend to listen to me with big ears and big eyes saying: so, Sophie, tell us how to decorate! Suddenly I felt carried by an awful weight. I feel like if I say red, people will all turn red. But I’m still giving you the trends. In my opinion, we are on things that are very natural. We really have the return to the case. We have been feeling this for several months. There are two trends that run somewhat parallel. The first is a return to the 1970s. The materials have very round shapes, very enveloping, in the armchairs, the sofas. On the walls, the floors, there is wood, a lot of marble, but matte marble.

Is it very 1970s?

In people’s heads, when you say 70, they see the cartoonish side, big orange and brown flowers. Fortunately, the 1970s weren’t just that. There were many great architects, such as Gio Ponti. It was the work of the ceilings, in woodwork, many moldings in plaster, many wall coverings. We left nothing to chance, not a square centimeter. So we have this return to the 1970s which is very strong, with beautiful fabrics, beautiful curly wools, much more elaborate couches. And so, at the same time, we have an explosion of color, with a very Italian style, imbued with many nationalities. We’re going to mix a lot of textiles and fabrics, silks, prints, a lot of English. A much more pop style, a little kitsch, but adopted.

Sophie Ferjani:

Sophie Ferjani: “I like that the decoration is linked to the place we are going to decorate. »

Fabien Cottereau/ “SOUTHWEST”

Is there a connection between clothing fashion and decorating trends?

Absolutely. Everything is connected. We are going to look for the same codes to design a car as an architect for a building or a stylist for her new dress. There is a real consistency. We focus on basic trends that are dug up and felt by trend companies four or five years in advance. Often we will draw inspiration from the same places. When you work in these art circles, it’s easy to be a little more spongy, to capture the zeitgeist, what’s going to happen.

What is the lifespan of a trend in your industry?

It depends. There are major underlying trends that will last a good ten years. And then there are very flashy, seasonal trends, a bit like fashion, that may only last a year.

We don’t redo our interior every year…

Exactly. That’s why I always tell my clients to be careful, not to be fooled by a moment’s desire, but rather to try to understand who they are, what they like and above all what is inside them. Is it an old house? I like the decoration to be related to the place we are going to decorate. You have to respect where you live. If we respect it, it should not go out of style.

What shaped your personal taste?

I do not know. I’m a country girl. I come from Loir-et-Cher, a very small town of 400 inhabitants. I learned a lot about being bored. And I thank my parents. Today we no longer know how to be bored. It is when we are bored that we create. Since we were 30 kilometers from the first town and we couldn’t move around on our own until we were 18, we learned to do things, stay busy. It shook my childhood.

With telecommuting, a home office became necessary. Should it be visible or discreet?

Generally, people try to make it discreet. It is often the guest room that has become the office. But it should be discreet because you don’t want to have to work during your breaks and even during your weekends. As we close the door of his office at night, we must be able to close the workspace to return to his private life. This is important.

How do you measure the influence of the television programs you present?

We see with “House for Sale” that it is becoming more and more difficult to find properties to renovate for the show, because many people have heard our criticisms, our recommendations and we are redoing their houses. That’s why it’s hard to find castings now. I also measure it by the young people who come to see me, who are between 20 and 25 years old, who tell me that they have been watching this show that is fifteen years old since they were little and who thank me because they made it their work. Professional occupations were stimulated.

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