Ikea unveils a bohemian mirror for a very refined decoration!

Do you want to add depth and character to one of your rooms? Ikea has the perfect bohemian mirror to fulfill your desires!

And if you enlarge your room ? Hard to push the furniture hard, you will say… But a simple mirror can both embellish and add depth. MCETV presents the bohemian mirror from Ikea that will both decorate you and make you want to look at yourself!

Mirror, my beautiful mirror…

Whether you’re in an apartment or a house, you sometimes get a bare wall. But this wall, neither big nor small, does not accommodate too much decoration… So we have to find the best idea for dress it up in a simple, effective wayand what we want to see every day.

And if you want to see yourself every day, or if you just want to deepen the room, Ikea has the idea for you: a mirror! In effect, the reflection gives an impression of grandeur. And can also pay tribute to your decor without weighing it down.

There is therefore no question of a large mirror like the one one gets in branded bathrooms Swedish. No, on a small wall, or on a large wall that is already partially decorated, it is better to play in small steps. The bohemian mirror is there for that.

So first step: have a bohemian interior. If pastel, linen and other straw colors are not for you, go your way. On the other hand, for those who want toa decor that makes you want to go back to natureIkea has what you need!

Indeed, it is not a simple mirror. The Swedish brand, which baptized this “Vrigstat” piece, bet on simplicity. With its 63 centimeters in diameter, it fits in just about any room in your home. But he comes to bring some decoration.

Ikea unveils a bohemian mirror for a very refined decoration!
Ikea unveils a bohemian mirror for a very refined decoration!

Ikea: the Vrigstat in the spotlight

Indeed, the Vrigstat allows you to add depth and style to your rooms. The Swedish brand goes even further by combining it with other mirrors and other decorations of the same series… Enough to dress up an entire wall in an original way.

“Open to nature, therefore invites Ikea on its website. This handwoven storm mirror gives your room a depth that makes it even more alive. Whether you hang one or more, or combine it with paintings, it will make a strong impression. »

A mirror that blends in with all natural decor… But a mirror that has a price. Because the hand-braided bracelet is not found everywhere. So it will be necessary to count 45 euros for the basics of the brand. But with this one you are sure to have an effect!

It’s nice to know what the budget is that you can set for a series of mirrors. But between the paintings and the mirrors, the rounded shapes give the room a different look. More than just a mirror, it becomes a decorative element in its own right…

And if you are afraid of dustingIkea has thought of everything with a cleaning kit with an equally complicated name. A simple, effective and original decoration!

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