Ikea: this new trendy lamp is the object of all desires!

To bring a touch of originality to your interior, let yourself be seduced by this designer lamp from Ikea.

In this winter season, we all try to give a “cozy” atmosphere to our interior. And it starts with the lighting. So to find your happiness at a lower cost, go to Ikea to discover its new trendy lamp at low prices. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Ikea: furniture that is designed and economical

We don’t all have thousands and pennies to spend the decoration of its interior. But at the same time, not being able to renew the furniture in your living space can be frustrating.

Fortunately, Ikea is there to offer us quality furniture, which is both practical, aesthetic and cheap. In short, all the criteria we are looking for!

This week, for example, we discussed his discreet small piece of furniture to tidy up your office. History of sit comfortably when it’s time to revise.

The Swedish brand also has a noise curtain which allows shower discreetly. Smart!

And as the cold becomes more and more present, at the end of January, why not let yourself be tempted by a cozy duvet from Ikea ? And yes, sleep well it is important!

But the best trick to warming up your interior, other than buying a radiator, is to invest in it quality lighting. And that’s good, because the store offers a lot design lights for a warm interior.

So what is it new trendy lamp, which the Swedish furniture maker just unveiled? MCE TV tells you more!

Warmblitz : an exceptional lamp for a cozy atmosphere at home

If you want to decorate your interior in an original way, there is no need to spend a fortune. And Ikea proves it to us again, with his wall office Warmblitz.

Whether in your living room, study or dining room, this lamp will give you diffuse and very soft lighting which inspires calmness. Perfect to warm up the atmosphere!

Further, its unusual shape will not go unnoticed by your guests. It is unlike any other lamp in this price range!

We can also mention its integrated LED bulbs, which benefit from a good lifespan. One thing is for sure: you don’t have to change them every four mornings!

At the same time, this fixture is from Ikea very easy to assemble despite its refined design. You can also choose to place it vertically or horizontally on your wall, according to your taste.

Besides that she also knows be discreet in your interior thanks to the delicacy of its lines and its sober colors. This is also one of the great qualities of such a light!

And finally, its price is just as attractive as its beautiful finishes, since this lamp Warmblitz is only displayed at 49 € in an Ikea store. At that price, you might as well grab several to decorate every corner of your home!

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