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Ikea is a hit with this design and very practical shelf that hangs on the wall very easily!

The Ikea brand has unveiled its brand new innovative wooden wall shelf. It will make all your guests jealous!

Ikea keeps selling more innovative furniture from each other. Recently, the Swedish firmelsewhere unveils a new wall shelf that will surely find its place in you stay.

Ikea has the best shelf for your home

Lately Ikea unveils new furniture and accessories for the utmost pleasure of customers. And the least we can say is that she will save a lot of space.

And for good reason, you can attach it to the wall without any worry. The Gullhult shelf unit in pine and black is full of versatility. It also works very well in rustic but also modern spaces.

With a metal structure in the shape of a cage, it also has a nice solid wood shelf. By hanging it on the wall, you will have a bedside table, a space to decorate, a side table or even a small bookshelf.

Another idea is to put this shelf at the entrance of you house and leave chargers, keys, wallet or whatever you want inside. The product sold by Ikea will do the job very well.

The dimensions are small, so the shelf does not take up space or takes up a lot of space. The structure requires different accessories depending on the material your wall is made of.

A very practical shelf

The products hanging the shelf on the wall is not provided. So you will have to buy them more. Despite its powder-coated steel frame, the box can be recycled in special areas for this purpose.

The shelf is made of pine wood, a resistant material to which a stain and a colorless varnish of the acrylic type has been added to guarantee its durability in perfect condition. She is very innovative at a fairly affordable price.

Ikea also trusted about its product: “The GULLHULT shelf is very easy and quick to install: unfold it, attach it to the wall, then add the shelf. The metal frame is quite flat ».

“And this, to allow you to put mugs, books. Or decorations. Ideal for storing small items such as wallets, gloves, chargers. And remote controls ».

Ikea also revealed: “ A charging cable easily passes through the mesh so you can charge a phone by placing it on the tablet. You can create your own pattern on a wall. And this by putting several shelves together ».

Ikea makes a splash with the most beautiful innovative wooden shelf that will make your guests jealous! article

A product for less than 20 euros

The Mark Swedish said: “Its design allows it to find its place everywhere. It is ideal for displaying and organizing small items ». The shelf also has a very affordable price.

You can find her at a price of 19.99 euros. One thing is for sure, this shelf is ideal for your home. It is also possible to buy several to have them in different rooms.

Ikea also said: “The type of fixation depends on the material of the support. Choose your fixations according to your walls. The shelf can be disassembled so that it can be recycled. Or it can be used to provide energy”.

“If you have a local waste management system. To clean your product, just wipe it with a cloth. Note that you can buy this product on the brand’s website.

But not only. It is possible to find this shelf in the physical stores of Ikea. All you have to do is satisfy yourself with this sublime product!

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