“I dream of one day being able to decorate an entire wall in a hospital”

Gil Hautois.
Gil Hautois. – DR

His hyper-colored style, photographed in the style of stained glass, is recognizable among all. Gil Hautois, born in La Louvière, living in Anderlues, was raised with the sound of drums and folklore. It was by decorating the windows of disused shops with gills and carnival characters that he became known to the general public.

The Harlequin of the Binche Athenaeum.
The Harlequin of the Binche Athenaeum. – Gil Hautois
In the entrance hall.
In the entrance hall. – Gil Hautois

But his works also decorate many public buildings. Or even schools. In Bray, his fresco reminding our minor ancestors decorates the playground. And every day, the students of the Athénée royal de Binche can admire its Harlequin, symbol of the establishment, as they browse through the entrance hall. “I discarded the original drawing in vinyl decals that I applied directly to an aluminum support. In half a day everything is installed and it is infinitely cheaper than painting big. This disarmingly simple artist has a heart as warm as his works. “I was delighted at the request from Jolimont Hospital. Many people come to see our paintings with me, Laura and Claude. And having a room in our name is a recognition that touches us. A hospital is a place that captures the full range of human emotions. I would dream of painting a fresco in such a place”.

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