how to think outside the box to personalize a bland space?

In general, the interior or exterior staircase has only one function: to provide easy access. There is no question of decoration except in the case of a party. But like the stairs in a stately home, one is tempted to ascribe a beautiful allure to this much-neglected part of the house. If you embrace the idea of ​​a trendy staircase decoration in 2023, we can complement your own design with some surprising suggestions. Zoom!

A fashionable staircase decoration for 2023: what’s new?

deco staircase harmonize style entrance living room type structure dramatic subtle ideas

You can say that the decoration of a staircase lacks imagination. It’s only a few steps up and the “business” isn’t worth it. However, we will tell you that the staircase decoration must harmonize with the style of the entrance or living room and the type of structure. It involves many ideas, from the most subtle to the most dramatic. Being creative in the design of a staircase means changing it to improve the appearance of the interior and not feel uncomfortable in the transition from one level to another. The modernization and optimization of the staircase begins with the decorate a long hallway which in most cases connects the two spaces.

Some of the ideas only take a few minutes while others are more involved, but all of them will refresh your stairwell space and give it a chance to invest itself as part of the decor, not just an overlooked transitional space does not become

The carpet in the decoration of the staircase: an essential must-have

deco staircase carpet lay imagination designers inexhaustible traditional contemporary

The best way to enhance the staircase decoration trends 2023 is to put a carpet on it. The imagination of designers is inexhaustible. Traditional or contemporary, there is always one that will suit your style and with its colors will adapt to the interior aesthetic. Dip your toes into a soft and luxurious stair runner, with reliable durability, quality and comfort. From adjustable lengths, in a huge range of beautiful colours, striking prints and stylish patterns, the stair runner is an essential part of the comfort formula. This accessory can either span the full width of the stairs or descend as a narrow path from top to bottom. Whatever its scope, the mat is an essential and safe must have.

Not a fan of rugs? Use a stencil for the wooden staircase decoration!

deco staircase trends 2023 use stencils to create repeating patterns

If the thought of the rug is unattractive, a simple stencil can give the illusion without the need to attach it. Stencils allow you to create repeating patterns on each of your stairs for a continuous designer look. Choose one that matches your home’s existing decor. Bold colors make bold statements, but a subtle change in color will be the ultimate knockoff. Another trick is to paint the risers, which will create two looks. One when you see the natural wood going down the stairs and another when you watch the color go up. Whether you choose subtle colors like going from white to gray, or paint something like a rainbow, it’s a significant refresh.

If you choose to paint the stairs, you can use colors to create uniformity and enhance the style of the stairs. Sometimes a fresh coat of white paint can free up space, even if it’s just the stairs. Or you might want to experiment with a color other than white for a pop of color, or with stickers.

The light offers many options for an indoor staircase decoration

deco stairs trends 2023 small electric candles led timer bars ramp

A league fixture gives you the edge and your staircase needs an ounce of originality. It’s not about the bling and glitter, but some small placeable electric candles that will run on a timer between the railing bars. At night, their bursts will give your staircase a magical feel. LED-lit steps light up with each step and turn off at the back. At the same time a sublime and economical effect!

This smart light automatically turns off a few minutes after you leave and turns on when you arrive to stay on until 10:00 p.m., when the brightness decreases by 50% and turns off at 11:00 p.m.

Via your phone, you can give commands to change colors to warm white, cool white, pink and more programmed shades.

Make a gallery on the walls

how to decorate a modern staircase dress up gallery originality consists of nature paintings portraits

You won’t find the thread to cut the butter if you set up a gallery. It’s an ancestral idea, but not outdated. The originality lies in the nature of the paintings and portraits. Either you hang up the entire history of your family in chronological order (your guests will be amazed), or you dust off precious paintings that have been forgotten in the attic. Here the ideas are endless.

If you have a wide enough staircase, small baskets on the first steps at ground level can help store toys and other personal odds and ends. You can put everyday items in the baskets that family members often forget when they go out. Even if this arrangement is very practical, the baskets must be placed securely, so that they do not hinder the ascent and descent.

decoration of a wooden staircase put baskets full of personal items low levels safe passage

Instead of useful baskets, you can choose decontamination of plants which will feel good in an atmosphere deprived of natural light. They will freshen the air in this almost closed space.

A staircase decoration can invest in wallpaper or washi tape

decorate a concrete staircase add wallpaper risers washi tape create statements

If you’re not confident in your painting skills, adding wallpaper to the risers, the wall, or even both can add enough personality to transform the staircase. Choose something bold, coordinating patterns, or go for a great design choice. Washi tape will help you create statements: in the form of a waterfall or horizontal stripes.

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