How to design a small bedroom: 10 expert tips

Small bedroom: expert tips for furnishing it

The room bedroom is undoubtedly the most intimate place in the house, the place where each of our days begins and ends. How to decorate a small bedroom? We asked two experts, Francesca Venturoni and Sarah Balivo, to tell us about the latest trends.

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Over time, the bedroom has become the least spacious room, we are content to use it to rest, try to be as active as possible and limit our passages in this environment to night hours. “, explains Sarah Balivo, architect and decorator. The bedroom is therefore increasingly judged on the basis of its efficiency and functionality. ” During the pandemic, we understood through circumstances that our home was a reflection of our personality, it says a lot about us. It’s as if space shapes itself on us, she continues. The challenge is therefore to make smaller and smaller spaces more beautiful and guarantee functionality to those who inhabit them. »

Over the years, this piece has undergone many transformations, reflecting the evolution of our lifestyle. ” The bedroom has evolved along with the concept of intimacydevelops Francesca Venturoni, architect and decorator at the head of the Venturoni Studio. In the past, the rooms were communication spaces that everyone could enter. This explains the canopy bed, which guaranteed a minimum of privacy to sovereigns. Nowadays, with the compression of space and tele-commuting of the loungethe bedroom has often become a refuge where one seeks peace at all costs, or a place where you lose yourself, no longer in sensuality, but in binge watching series. »

Here are the tips of Francesca Venturoni :

1. No salvation in the white

You may feel like you have a bigger room, but you will forever regret not choosing a color that suits you. Remember that color holds its deepest mysteries for those who know how to appreciate them. »

2. Your bed contains all your treasures

© Francesca Venturoni

Photo credit Michele Bonechi

3. Show your feet

© Francesca Venturoni

Photo credit Helenio Barbetta

4. Forget ceiling lights

© Francesca Venturoni

Photo credit Emanuele Zamponi

5. Bet on vintage elements

© Francesca Venturoni

Photo credit Michele Bonechi

Finally, here are some tips from Sarah Balivo

6. The wall shines

7. Play on shadows

8. Color is your best ally

9. Use mirrors

The mirror necessarily creates more space.

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10. Break the monotony

Article originally published in A.D Italy.

Translation Dario Rudy

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