How to decorate yours with 10 cozy atmosphere ideas?

To create a cocoon dining room, we all dream of feeling good while sharing good meals with the family. Friendly place par excellence, the dining area is a big part of the house. So it is out of the question to shy away from his style. But how to make this part of the house more cozy and welcoming without spending a fortune? In fact, nothing could be easier! Sometimes it takes a little to do a lot. So, warm up the atmosphere of your stay by adopting our tips and decorating ideas below!

ichais table dining room cocoon cozy atmosphere living room

Making your stay more cozy this winter couldn’t be simpler! Bet on cocoon materials, such as an XL knitted plaid, curly wool seats, cozy cushions or even a modern kilim rug which will give a very pleasant feeling to the feet. Lace accessories, don’t neglect them either. Vases of flowers, decorative frames, candles, tea light holders… you are spoiled for choice to warm up your living room without spending too much.

And while accessories are important, the power of color on the walls should not be overlooked. Welcoming and comforting, the cocoon dining room is decorated with soft and natural colors. That said, invest in a original wallpaper or trompe-l’oeil enough to transform the space indoors in a separate cocoon. Plain or patterned, this type of wall covering is also an excellent way to differentiate the dining area from another room.

And because the cocoon decor comes directly from the Nordic countries, we choose our dining table and chairs in Scandinavian or Scandinavian style. They are completed with a soft or ethnic carpet, a soft chunky blanketpatterned cushions or imitation sheepskin to further enhance the cozy character of the dining area and living room.

Choose mismatched chairs

how to arrange modern cocoon dining room cozy living room interior trend 2022

Instead of investing in ultra-modern chairs to create a cocoon dining room, opt for mismatched seating instead. Colors, materials and designs can be mixed to create a unique and cozy atmosphere. The idea? Let your imagination and your decorative desires do the talking!

Swap the chairs for a bench

Deco idea dining room cocoon kitchen cozy living room modern style 2022

To optimize the dining area and make it even more welcoming, why not replace a large part of the chairs with a vintage wooden and leather sofa. Ideal for creating a rustic and chic country atmosphere worthy of a simple and warm family table.

Install a carpet

Deco idea dining room cocoon atmosphere cozy modern carpet

You don’t like the floor of your dining area, but you can’t afford to change it? A cozy and colorful rug is undoubtedly the best decorative solution to fix this at a low price. If the size of the room allows, consider having several to camouflage your old upholstery and instantly brighten up the dining room. Another decorative option? One mixture of parquet and tiles to separate the living room from the kitchen or living room.

Invite plants

decorating ideas living room dining room cocoon cozy modern welcoming warm atmosphere retro vintage lighting

To warm up the open dining room decor, there’s nothing like a few cozy accessories: a graphic rug on the floor, patterned cushions on the sofa, original frames and paintings to liven up the walls. In short, the choice is endless! And because the cocoon style and the welcoming atmosphere go hand in hand, make way for greenery! cactus, black succulentshanging plants, it’s up to you to decide how to bring a green touch to the living room.

Update on the lighting in the cocoon dining room

living room dining room cocooning cozy modern chalet style

After the pastel colors and the touches of greenery that have been distilled everywhere, it is the turn of the lighting to work its magic in the dining area to make it more cocooning. The ideal would be to play with the different light sources. Opt for indirect lighting on the ceiling or for several diverse sources to modulate according to your preferences and needs. Candles and candle holders are also welcome to create a cozy atmosphere in the dining room open to the kitchen.

Create a cocoon and open dining room

open cocoon dining room rustic style living room kitchen

If your interior space allows it, limit the separations between the living room and the kitchen and opt for an open dining room. A practical and aesthetic solution to make your home more cozy and friendly.

Pastel colors in the spotlight

Deco layout pinterest cocoon dining room cozy atmosphere

Create an accent wall

chic cocooning dining room decor idea

Line the walls in the cocooning dining room

wall decor ideas cozy modern dining room cocoon atmosphere trend 2022

Prioritize the rustic style

dining room decor cozy rustic style retro vintage interior trends 2022

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