How to decorate your window for Christmas? 15 DIY ideas

We tend to forget this, but the window and its window sill, whether inside or outside, deserve all our decorative attention during the holidays. Paint, stickers, drawings to print and bright ideas… here’s something to highlight your openings in a festive way for Christmas!

There’s no shortage of DIY ideas to tide you over Windows to match your Christmas decorations. Whether you’re young or old, why not get involved this year? Follow our expert advice and let your creativity do the talking. Hats off to the artists!

What Window Decorations to Adopt for the Holidays?

paint, based on Meudon white or not, for ready-to-use decals and Posca brand markers, a wealth of possibilities are available to you and your windows will be jealous!

Make Christmas drawings on the windows with paint

Skillful with your ten fingers, brighten up your windows with snowflakes, houses, reindeer, presents, baubles and other Christmas trees during the holiday season. To do this, choose a acrylic paintalso called water-based paint, which is easy to clean in case of mistakes and after Christmas.

deco window candle paint
© 123RF/annastasiia7

Scoop with Blanc de Meudon

natural household product, Meudon white powder can easily be converted into tile paint, once mixed with water and here’s how to do it:

Put self-adhesive stickers on the window at Christmas

safe bet, the stickers are very practical to decorate a window with Christmas colors. Whatever your desires, it’s a safe bet that stickers exist on the market, like this impeccable pack:

Draw with Posca markers

In the absence of paint, you can turn to Posca markers and their 1001 colors. Know that once the holiday is over, the Posca will not leave traces of their passage, as they are wiped with the help of a damp cloth.

Form a window decoration using models to print

On the web, there are many stencils and other models with festive motifs at your disposal. Our favorites? Those suggested by Sandra, from the blog Jesus Sauvage that you will only have to reproduce. And here’s how:

Put together a unique window decoration

At Sostrene Grene and Jardiland, the windows take on colors with aerial photography stars and last name fake paper treeswell wrapped birds and cute domestic style tea light holders impeccable. So many ideas to create a cozy corner on the windowsill when the holiday season arrives.

deco window christmas
© Sostrene Grene

What light decoration for the window at Christmas?

Once the windows are lined up and highlighted, it’s high time to move on to the window sill. In order to warm up the atmosphere, please do not hesitate to play the accumulation of real or fake candles. Bet on too fairy lights, ideally LED. Also multiply the tea light holders and other light decorative accessories, such as the stars below.

© Oliver Perrott Photography – Lights4fun
© Muy Mucho

Decorating the inside edge of your window is great, but what about the outside edge? On the occasion of the holiday, we do not leave it aside and come there create a cocoon retreat with pillows, throws and candles. You can also invite Christmas wreathit will change from the front door!

Christmas deco outside window list
© Muy Mucho
© Sostrene Grene

And if you have the space, don’t skimp winter plants and flowers to (re)give it colors! Hyacinths, Christmas roses or cellars, cyclamen, Christmas cacti or schlumbergera shade the pine trees, the unbeatable king of the forest. Last but not least, decorative berries and foliage: wintergreen, skimmia and holly form a winning trifecta on the garden side.

DIY window dressing
© Sostrene Grene

What DIY Window Decorations for the Holidays?

Nothing like a DIY window decoration to impress family and friends at Christmas. Like these beautiful performances by Jardiland and Sostrene Grene, there is nothing rocket science: driftwood or some salvaged spruce branches in nature on which pretty transparent balls are hung, small Christmas boxes to make, a homemade bouquet and voila!

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