How to decorate your home with white according to Feng Shui

In feng shui, colors can be used with intention and with the goal of welcoming positive energy into our spaces. White invites the qualities of cleanliness, purity and brightness. It is also related to the metal element, in the system of five elements. The metal element is the energy of joy, fulfillment and helpful people.

White color is the presence of all the colors of the light spectrum. It is highly reflective and white can literally brighten and expand a space visually and energetically.

White is also a color that can easily show dust or debris. For example, one is more careful with a white chair than with a dark colored chair. Therefore, this color can teach us to be aware of our surroundings.

The best part about white is that the color works in all kinds of spaces and styles. White is a versatile and timeless color. Here are some useful feng shui tips for using white in decorating your home.

  • Kitchen

    The kitchen is a great place to use the color white. You can bring white into built-in kitchen elements such as cupboards, worktops and tiling. White plates are also ideal for your feng shui. White represents cleanliness and purity and is a great canvas for all the beautiful colors you can bring to your food.

  • Bathroom

    Another room where white works is the bathroom. The bathroom is linked to the ritual of cleansing and purification, and white goes hand in hand with this feeling. It is not for nothing that most bathroom accessories, such as bathtubs, sinks and toilets, are white. But the whole bathroom doesn’t have to be white. You can bring complementary colors with the tiles and accessories.

  • White paint

    White is sometimes misunderstood in paint colors. If you think white walls are boring, think again! There are many shades of white, from warm to cool to neutral.

    It’s actually a safe choice to use white paint for a room with limited natural light. White paint on the walls and ceiling will definitely brighten and expand the space. White is highly reflective, bringing more light into a space (lots of light = good feng shui).

    White walls also create flexibility in your home, allowing you to change accessories with different color palettes.

  • moon stone

    Placing semi-precious stones and crystals in your home is another way to decorate with the energetic properties of white.

    Moonstone is a milky white crystal that invokes the feminine powers of the moon. It is a wonderful stone to place in the bedroom to help you take care of yourself and cultivate your intuition.

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  • Clear quartz

    Another favorite crystal for your home is clear quartz.

    Clear Quartz is a clear white stone that is useful for amplifying your intentions. For example, you can place clear quartz in your refrigerator to enhance the nourishing energy of the foods it contains.


    Pointed crystals are especially effective because they can really direct your intention. Before placing the crystal, hold it and visualize that the quartz will purify and bless the contents of the refrigerator.

  • Selenite

    Selenite is a translucent white stone that invites peace, protection and restoration. Try this crystal in your meditation space to deepen your practice. It can also be placed in the four corners of your house (or room) to create a security grid. Avoid using it in damp places as it dissolves in water.

  • White flowers

    Fresh flowers are always a special way to decorate your home. Flowers bring joy and help release any stagnant qi (life energy). They bring nature in and connect us with the seasons. Flowers also remind us to cherish the present moment through teachings about impermanence.

    Here are some of our favorite white flowers:

    • White daffodils in spring, symbolizing new beginnings.
    • White roses in summer to soothe the heart.
    • White chrysanthemums in autumn, invite truth and clarity.
    • White plum blossoms in winter, to remind us that hope and beauty still exist.

    Be sure to offer clean, fresh water regularly, as you would a human guest. Also, be sure to discard the flowers when they are stale.

  • Tara or White Buddha

    In feng shui, we use iconography as a metaphor and embodiment of our aspirations. White Tara is the goddess of compassion. It represents generosity and removes obstacles in our lives. The Buddhas symbolize the potential of each of us to awaken to our own divine nature.

    Try hanging a print or having a small white Buddha or Tara image in your home to connect with your heart deity.

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  • White picture frames

    Framed artwork and photos are always popular when decorating a home. It’s a beautiful way to add your own personal style, with the flexibility to change it easily. You can add a feng shui touch with the color of the frame! A white frame brings the qualities of the metal element, such as joy.

  • White bedding

    If you want to bring more of the metal element (joy, shine, precision) into your personal life, try brand new white bed sheets. It activates your feng shui dramatically because you sleep in that color and it’s brand new. If you can afford it, also opt for organic products.

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