How to decorate the wall above the sofa? Our top 4 decorating tips to avoid boredom in the living room

The wall space above your sofa has serious design potential, as it is a focal point in almost any living room. But how to decorate the wall above the sofa? Start by exploring your options, save photos of the rooms you like, and choose your favorite decorating inspiration. From there, it’s really about finding the best to complement your living space. If your living room is full of artwork on other walls, adding a floating shelf to hold some of your favorite books and plants would be a great way to maximize vertical storage area and add something extra interesting to this wall. If your space needs some color, add some art or wall hangings. With 4 of our favorite decorating ideas, you’re sure to find something that fits your style. Ready to be inspired?

how to decorate the wall above the sofa bed living room tips

You’ve spent so much time choosing the right sofa for your living space, making sure it reflects both comfort and style, that it’s easy to forget what really sets your living room apart. A stellar wall display. Luckily, this season’s decorating ideas above the couch cover the best design trends, from funky beach houses to stylishly repurposed antiques. Paintings and especially collages and portraits are an absolutely fascinating presence in interior design right now. The works of young painters can be a very good investment and a passion to discover from decoration. Art prints are also very trendy and you can find wonders there on sites like Saatchi, for example.

Oversized mirror

how to decorate the wall above the sofa bed living room mirror

Large mirrors are a great way to expand your living room as they reflect light and create an open appeal. Mirrors tend to amplify whatever they reflect, so you’ll want to hang them opposite something attractive or calming. Place mirrors opposite or near windows, as reflected natural light will brighten and make your room appear larger. We see works of art and a small window reflected in the oversized mirror above. The mirror is leaned against the wall with a floor lamp in front, which thanks to the reflection will have an additional light impact. Try pairing your oversized mirror with some sconces to add more light to your living room. Hang a large mirror above your couch or a original wall shelf for books. Both approaches create a very striking and aesthetic appearance.

Here’s how to decorate the wall above the sofa with a large piece of art

deco canape abstract art living room wall ideas

One way to decorate the space above a couch that I really enjoy is to use large pieces of art. It makes a big statement and makes the room feel bigger as it spans most of the wall. A single large piece of art above your couch gives your entire living space a makeover. Choose something that works well with your living room color scheme if you are renovating your existing space. If you’re decorating a space from scratch, base the room’s palette on the colors in your big picture. Pro tip: As long as your painting isn’t bigger than your couch, bigger is better. “When you consider the expanse of a wall and the relatively large scale of a couch compared to your room, you’re looking for something substantial to hang on.

Choose several amazing works of art

design decorating the wall above the sofa bed living room tips

Hang several large pieces fromrealistic wall art above your sofa has a sleek and modern appeal. This approach easily creates balance by using paints from the same set. Art works especially well if you choose hyper original works. It is up to you whether you want to hang several large paintings in a row or create a grid of four or even six canvases, two rows high. And for size, it’s best if your arrangement is at least two-thirds the width of your couch, but less than the full width of the couch. Choose pieces of similar sizes and colors for a cohesive look that will bring your space together. Place the artwork 10-15cm above the back of your sofa for best results. Choose portraits that match your living room palette.

wall clock

clock how to decorate wall sofa living room tricks

Wall clocks have a timeless appeal that can fit into almost any living room, regardless of your style. You will find hundreds of options online, from minimalist decoration hyper modern trends, with everything else. Hang your wall clock just above eye level to draw the eye to the wall and attract attention. Frame your wall clock, because the empty space around the wall clock makes it a more impactful design element without overwhelming the rest of your decor.

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