How to decorate the outside of your house for Christmas?

The end of the year celebrations are the excuse to be able to decorate your house from top to bottom but not only! The outside can go there too! By illuminating its facade and his garden with a outside light cliff, we dress up our home by making it even warmer for Christmas. There is an abundance of outside light cliffswe help you make your choice.

How to choose your outdoor wreath for Christmas?

First, we think carefully the atmosphere that you would like to create in your garden or on your facade and in the place that you mainly want to illuminate. It makes sense, but we also need to be aware of it the area of ​​its roof and don’t want to light too large an area or risk buying a lot of outdoor light fixtures.

Which Christmas light garland to choose for the outside?

The parameters to consider:

We prefer to choose outdoor cliffs water resistant, weather resistant and cold to avoid any disappointments. Very important: we remember to check if the lighting chosen is suitable, the outdoor light fixtures must carry the index marked IP44 or IP65 to ensure the outdoor cliff to remain waterproof.

There are several types of outdoor cliffsIt all depends on the configuration of its exterior and the power consumption what we want to give to us Christmas decorations. If you do not have an electrical outlet near where you want to install your outdoor string lights, it is best to have a LED garland or a solar outside string lights (to be well facing south to take advantage of the maximum possible sunshine in winter.) It is best to choose if you want to respect the environment and his wallet! In addition, without a bulky power strip, the exterior of the house is easily lit and decorated.

What kind of Christmas light garland should you choose?

There is something for everyone and all budgetsif one rather loves a sober decoration or a excessive decorationthey lit Christmas wreaths is rejected light curtain to illuminate a large area or a lot icicle effect and even snowfall effect to illuminate in an original and magical way.

Where should I hang my outdoor wreath?

It is possible to hang you light rope everywhere: on its facade, along the roof, on the roof of the terrace, around a tree trunk, on a pine tree or on a bench, it’s time to give your imagination free rein! For an even more magical and festive atmosphere, you can match your decor light animals also in LED form for more moderate consumption, they will be delighted the garden with magic. Finally, for those who are most passionate aboutChristmas lightsthere is animated light projectors which will give an extraordinary style to your home!

led garland, outdoor solar string lights…which one choose ?

Our choice of LED string lights :

Our choice of solar string lights :

Our choice of light stalactite cliffs :

Our choice of cliffs light curtains :

Our choice of light projector and Dlight animals :

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