how to decorate in the boho chic spirit?

Do you want to renovate your bedroom and make it unique? There are many styles, but what is the current trend? Soft fabrics, macrame wall hangings, warm and fluffy blankets, plants, eclectic art… You already know the answer. The bohemian style evolved a lot over the years until it reached its final stage. But is this really the case? We will follow his progress religiously. But for now, why not take inspiration from our suggestions and tips for decorating a bohemian style bedroom?

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There are three essential steps you need to consider when it comes to decorating. The first concerns the colors, the second the material and the type of decorations. It’s simple, really. Let’s start with the basics. What is a bohemian style bedroom? It’s all about natural materials, soft fabrics, eclectic decorations, earthy colors and lots of personal touch and love. And the best thing about bohemian style? It can be messy and still look good! Unleash your inner artist and free your soul from urban minimalism or the industrial style let us be preached! Let yourself go, let your imagination run wild and dive right into this amazing interior design style!


bedroom in bohemian style

Being a bohemian means not following social norms and living off the grid. It’s not about living in a small house or in a minivan and travel the world… Although it’s a pretty tempting option, don’t you think? But we are moving forward.

The colors for a bohemian style bedroom are all in earth tones. Yes, there are exceptions for pink, purple, even red. However, the color of the walls should be quite subtle. Why? Well, bohemian design is very rich. There are many objects that, when placed in front of an eclectic background, become designer chaos. So, to balance it all out, paint your walls in pastels and earth tones for a brighter, “cleaner” space. Did you also know that light colors give one’s creativity and mood a big boost? Now you know!

The material

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For the bed: natural materials for bed linen such as cotton, hemp and linen. There are large selections of bed sheets that are non-toxic, comfortable, easy to wash and durable.
Blankets and soft pillows are essential, especially in the middle of autumn. Throw a knitted woolen blanket on your bed and some throw pillows on the bed frame and watch your bed go. from nada to Prada soon! Well if Prada was all natural and affordable… Let’s go!

For the floor: carpets everywhere! You need that sense of comfort inspired by the hygge style when you enter the room. So comfortable you want to sit on the floor too! Choose round rugs because circles have great symbolism (infinity, prosperity, etc.) and make a room feel more welcoming.

The furniture: Wooden furniture is the most durable and beautiful in this type of environment. If this is too expensive for you, you can try making your own furniture out of pallets!

Wall decorations

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Bohemian wall decorations are pretty awesome if you ask us! Many of them represent small business, authentic handmade items that just give you that rustic feeling all around. If you want a complete guide bohemian wall decor, we invite you to read our full article on the subject! Otherwise, here’s a summary of the essentials:

  • Pottery (many people hang terracotta plates on the walls or jute plates)
  • The wooden wall decoration (which even means wall shelves in different shapes to display your decorations and items)
  • Posters (you can get old posters, but cheaper at book fairs!)
  • The wall macrame (we don’t even need to explain this one because it’s basically all the pictures)

Photo Gallery: Bohemian Style Bedroom Ideas

how to decorate a bohemian bedroom


Spotlight on plant decoration!

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Pastel colors are essential for bohemian decorating.

boho chic decor

How to decorate your room? Follow our advice!

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Here is a trendy bohemian chic style bedroom!

bedroom in boho chic style

What do you think of this trendy bedroom?

Bohemian style bedroom decor

The trendy wall color for adults? The green!

Bohemian style bedroom decor

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