How to decorate a storage bed. Our complete guide

Storage bed
How to make the most of the space with a storage bed

Do you want to arrange your bedroom to optimize space and design? By choosing a box bed, you can very discreetly save space by adding drawers under your bed base, and find a model that goes well with the decoration of the room. Indeed, the storage bed has the advantage of having storage under the bed base with an innovative roll-down mechanism. You can put bedding, pillows or clothes in it so that it is easily accessible. The space you have depends on the size of the bedding, depending on whether you have a single or double bed. This is the primary benefit of the storage bed, but there are many uses.

Choose the mattress and the decoration of your storage bed

It is possible to arrange your storage bed according to the atmosphere you want to create in your room.

start with choose the mattress that is adapted to the box spring slats that will suit your preferences in terms of comfort. You have a wide range of special storage bed mattresses available on the market. In particular, you can find various models online with a few clicks while comparing reviews and descriptions. Whether it’s a mattress firm, soft, resilient or latexwill you find the rare pearl that is compatible with a storage bed.

Once you have made your choice, you must then choose the decoration of the storage bed. This concerns sheets, duvets as well as pillows and bed pillows. Do not forget to think about thelighting around the bed to add the finishing touch to your bed design.

Open the storage bed

Many people wonder how to choose the right storage bed. The storage compartment of a storage bed must be easily accessible by lift the box spring to the side or below.

This extra storage space comes in handy, especially in a small piece. Depending on the layout of the room, the type of opening is essential to ensure optimal use of space.

You should consider this feature when choosing a storage bed. Do not hesitate to measure the room and take pictures of the room before your purchase to get advice from a salesperson or your family members.

Which material to choose?

In addition to the design, you should pay attention to the bed material skirt, such as velvet, leather or canvas. Choose according to its comfort, robustness and resistance to wear. You also need to consider the size of the bed. Among other things, this characteristic defines its price.

The material of the bed must also take into account the choice of the headboard.

Adjust the decoration to the size of the storage bed

Decorating the bed requires imagination and creativity.

Although you have a large storage space under the box spring, this type of high-end bed often has the disadvantage of being relatively large and heavy. So moving it becomes a considerable effort. So must think carefully about its location in the room to avoid having to move it again in the future. The bed size is a factor that should not be overlooked.

So it takes up a lot of space, especially the bed frame. A nice decoration of the room you can reduce the volume from this part of the bed. Especially if you opt for a color contrast.

Duck blue, brown or dark gray are particularly suitable for the trunk, the dark touches indeed make it possible to create the impression that the bed takes up less space than it actually does.

On the other hand, preferred light shades for blankets and sheets, as well as the pillowcases, to reinforce the visual break between the base and the bedding. You can also opt for design and modern rugs for the floor for comfort and the marriage of colors.

To compare storage bed designs, it is often advisable to look on the internet before you start to find inspiration.

Buy online or in store?

Online bed purchases are becoming more and more frequent thanks to the emergence of a large offer on the Internet that offers advantageous conditions.

Indeed, it is sometimes difficult to go to a physical store that specializes in bedding. These are usually large buildings on the outskirts of town, or small shops in the city center that only offer a small amount of choice. It is therefore necessary to choose between proximity to the detriment of choice and price, or the reverse.

Recognizing this, many bedding brands have improved their online offerings. The obvious disadvantage of not being able to try out the bed before you buy it is made up for by detailed descriptions, user reviews and flexible withdrawal conditions.

All you have to do is go to the website that specializes in bedding. to quickly find the product you are looking for. You will find the models produced by the most famous brands and generally offered in major brands. You choose the one that suits you and you finalize your purchase.

All you have to do is pay the invoice while indicating the delivery details. Depending on your reception availability.

Buying online also saves money during promotions.

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