How to decorate a small bathroom? Discover the top 4 tips for a modern layout

Small bathrooms have the potential to pack a lot of style into a fairly limited square footage. By strategically using design elements and storage solutions, you can decorate a very chic and very modern small bathroom that will impress your guests. Use my bathroom decorating ideas to add glamor and function to your small space! Let’s go for a decorating tour in the shower!

bathroom decor ideas

Outside of your bedroom, the bathroom is probably one of the most used rooms in your home. You’ve probably spent hours decorating your bedroom, living room, and even guest rooms. But what about the bathroom? To decorate a small bathroom, look for a small furniture unit that includes several types of storage. Prefer light shades, as darker colors absorb light and reduce the size of the room. Get inspired by my 5 suggestions for a total makeover! Turn your small bathroom into a place where you enjoy spending time.

The best tips to completely transform your small bathroom!

small bathroom decorating tips

Small bathrooms can be incredibly charming, but they can also be difficult to design. How much space can be allocated for a shower or bath? What colors are suitable for these small spaces? Make every inch count when it comes to decorating and you’ll forget how small your bathroom is. In fact, a small bathroom offers a great opportunity to experiment with a bold color palette, eye-catching tiles, a trendy bathroom furniture or a cool hardware store. Don’t let limited space stop you from living large!

The mirror wall, the spectacular effect!

wall mirror bathroom decor

Rather than simply hanging a mirror above the sink, consider covering an entire wall of your small bathroom with it. The reflection of light and pattern will have the effect of a window. The mirror wall will add a chic touch to your small bathroom. Even better if you find vintage mirrors and hang everything on the wall. Hang mirrors of different styles, shapes, colors and materials. Trust me, it will be the best wall decoration ever! For a more elegant and luxurious effect, prefer a plain mirrored wall. Order it custom made if you have a good budget because it can be your main asset in this piece. You can buy a very large mirror and install it yourself if you are a DIYer. So, if you don’t know what to do with the walls, the mirror wall is the best solution for you.

Wallpaper, the favorite of decorators!

decorative bathroom wallpaper

Wallpaper is a great and trendy way to update your bathroom! Choose a graphic wallpaper accent or a subtle pattern to add texture. You can cover each wall with a different, bold and colorful pattern. Bathroom wallpaper is the perfect finishing touch to instantly transform what could be a boring, utilitarian space into a favorite room. You might think you should go for a small cartridge, but it is better to go for a large one. Medium to large scale wallpaper and tile patterns can actually make a space feel much larger. Go in search of the most original role of trendy wallpaper to decorate a small chic and modern bathroom!

Accentuate your bathroom accessories!

bathroom accessories

Bathroom lighting and accessories are like the jewels in the room. Use them to bring a little sparkle to the space. Installing new drawer pulls, towel racks and even faucets is no more complicated than painting! Patterned towels, vintage rugs, adhesive wall covering or sophisticated lighting also adds a touch of personality. If your sink and your shower or tub accessories are in good shape, start by changing the hardware in your cabinets. Personally, I like copper and chrome as well as matte black which is a good alternative to bronze. Gold accessories are very trendy right now with their pop sides, go for it!

Hang art on the walls!

art deco bathroom

The bathroom tends to be the last place considered for artwork and wall decor. Yet the frames wall adds personality and can completely change the mood of the room. Hang art next to your mirror or in front of your shower. It makes a small bathroom look much more luxurious and creates a focal point for the space. Use fun illustrations for a comfortable and positive feeling. For example, the chinoiserie style is reminiscent of the Victorian era, and this theme is perfect for a claw-foot tub or a beautiful chandelier. Find a modern art print that will make you happy every day and turn the space of your small bathroom into a mini art gallery!

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