How to create a welcoming guest bedroom

Designer Karl Lohnes gives us his advice for creating a sumptuous and welcoming guest bedroom.

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Convenience and functionality

For guests to feel good there, their nest must reflect the codes of hotel rooms, i.e. cozy comfort combined with absolute functionality. It is therefore important to include everything that visitors may need: additional blankets, space to store their luggage, surfaces to deposit their personal belongings, etc.

We are also thinking of providing a carafe of water and, why not, placing a bouquet of fresh flowers and scented candles on the bedside tables. Great addition idea: a chest-type sofa that will accommodate bedding and towels while providing practical seating.

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To make room

Guest rooms can be used to store things that are not used often, since they are not occupied every day. However, do not exaggerate and monopolize all the space.

Here, the lower dresser drawers house out-of-season clothing while the upper drawers are left empty for guests.

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Layout Karl Lohnes, designer, 1982 Design • Cello upholstered bed EQ3 • Custom sofa, Djembe wallpaper by Pierre Frey and Traces 1 painting 1982 Design • Helen bedside tables Corbeil House • Aerin Toulon bedside lamps Robinson Lighting and Bath • Striped pillow and duvet covers and satin sheets HR • Pattern cushion covers John Robshaw • Blanket (in the sofa seat), blue percale pillowcases and Apotheke scented candles (on the bedside tables) Au Lit fine linen • Gamal fabric by Caroline Cecil Textiles (couch) Memo showroom • Asha candlesticks • Fiona Staanbak Elta • Carpet ECARPET GALLERY

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The guest bedroom is the ideal place to give your creativity free rein: we don’t hesitate to give it a style we wouldn’t dare to apply in the rest of the house.

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Spaces of their own

To make visitors feel comfortable, avoid displaying personal items, for example family photos. To decorate the premises, Karl Lohnes likes to use contemporary art and sober and refined accessories.

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It’s all made up!

Generally, it is not helpful to install a medicine cabinet in a guest bathroom. Instead, we use the opportunity to display a large decorative mirror. Gold accents (the mirror frame, faucets, hardware and accessories) give the room an air of luxury.

Tracks II Vanity and chalkboard 1982 Design • Dekton counter Cosentino • Soho faucet, alabaster bathroom accessories from the Crawford collection and linen towel Ginger’s • Wall lamp S Krema Authentic lighting • Mirror Cody • Toilet paper holder and trash can West Elm • Lapel wallpaper by Fayce Memo showroom

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