how to adopt it in your interior?

What is monochrome decoration and how to apply it in your decor? This trend is more and more convincing and allows you to achieve an original, elegant, design and unique style at home. It’s time to dare to stand out! Focus on this new phenomenon.

What is monochrome decoration?

Monochrome decoration consists of decorating an entire room with one and the same color. Walls, furniture, objects, textiles, accessories… Truly the whole of a place! This concept might sound a little scary, but it actually looks very elegant. In addition, the monochrome trend is the best way to decorate harmoniously, since you will only have one color! This choice brings coherence and originality to your interior, but also a soft and soothing atmosphere, cocoon style class.

Monochrome decoration: how to adopt it?

Of course, the first thing to do when tackling a monochromatic look is to determine the color. Think practically: a color that is too original will certainly have an effect, but can also complicate your life when you buy furniture, objects or special wood paint that cannot be found. Once your main color is chosen, know that it is still possible to associate it with small touches of another color. The easiest way is to associate it with a neutral and light shade such as ecru, beige or light grey. This will allow you to bring some relief and clarity. These basic and common colors are also easier to find when shopping for your small decorative items. Attention, who says monochrome does not say monotony! For more visual interest, it is necessary to bring some lighting to the room. To achieve this, play on the different shades: a single color does not mean exactly the same. You can switch between lighter and darker, brighter or more pastel colors or go in more gray shades of the base color. Alternate the textures, patterns and prints to create contrast and more depth. natural materials such as wood or metal are excellent neutral elements that will stand out in your monochrome decor.

Monochrome decoration: mistakes not to make

Even though the concept of monochrome is simple, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily easy to implement. Here are some missteps to avoid to get a trendy look! The first risk is of course not choosing the right color. A color that is not adapted to the brightness of the room or ultimately not to your taste will ruin everything. Be aware that warm colors reduce space and are often too bright and tiring for a living space: they are more suitable for a corridor or an entrance or even an office. It will bring pep and personality to places that are sometimes overlooked. On the contrary, cold colors enlarge a room and promote relaxation: perfect for a bedroom or bathroom. Darker colors are a real bias, but can create a very pleasant cozy atmosphere. Black kitchens are very fashionable, for example. Finally, the safest option remains neutral colors that are timeless, timeless and less boring. Remember that color, intensity and shade are different things! Even if you choose a warm color, a canary yellow will not have the same effect as a pastel yellow. Finally, the color has a big impact on the brightness: avoid dark colors if your room is not sufficiently lit. To make sure you make the right choice, it is recommended to use color swatches before embarking on the adventure!

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