Home decorating mistake: all the mistakes to avoid in interior decorating

Before we read what follows, we must not lose the idea that 1/ error is human 2/ it is commonplace in decoration. So no mockery or judgment here, commit some missteps in terms of interior decoration is within everyone’s reach. And this especially when the time is lacking for us to shape an interior as it should be, both decorative and functional, to envisage a peaceful daily life at home.

Why is the decorating bug within everyone’s reach?

In a world saturated by streams of images that submit to perfection, let’s take a second off the guilt, will you please… Move in quickly, don’t take the time to go down to a room don’t decorate, accumulate an inherent mess around a hectic lifestyle, believe that your budget is a bit too small to decorate a room properly… The reasons that lead to decorative misstep is much to the battalions of good excuses. And to tell the truth, all these reasons are acceptable if you know that creating a functional and decorative interior requires time, attention… as well as some lessons and other basic rules to know and preferably follow.

What are the most common decorating mistakes?

Combining too many patterns in a bedroom, not integrating enough lights in a living room, building up furniture in a small space, ignoring curtains, poorly defining areas in the same room… list of deco errors the most common are quite long … and depending on the rooms of the house where they sit quite problematic. Patterns, colors, volumes, lights: all these key elements distributed throughout the house greatly influence our mood and our ability to move easily from one room to another. A living room that is too dark, a kitchen with poorly chosen colors, a bedroom that is too busy, and this is the daily grind.

When asked “ how to avoid decorating mistakes at home ? “, we would be tempted to answer pretentiously: by reading the advice articles of Marie Claire Maison and more precisely those related to the basic rules in interior decoration, on the choice of colors for a wall, the focus on the arrangement of the most important pieces of furniture such as thebank location in the living room or the bed in the bedroom. Other ways to save yourself some fatal mistakes: read some key books on the rules for arranging a feng shui interior with the aim of creating a place where energies will be respected and where well-being is a priority will be.

Finally, last recommendation: to successfully decorate your home is like knowing yourself, there is no secret: you have to tame your four walls alone, see how they evolve according to the hours of the day, and know what everyone’s needs are when you live as a family … Because the decorating mistake is not just too classic a matter of bad taste – since after all all taste is in nature and so much better – and it is not There is nothing more boring than to see copies of copies of trendy interiors, symbols not of good taste … right now, scroll through social networks! Avoid decorating mistakes is an opportunity to understand your inner space and yourself better at the same time, gain calmness and, by the way, acquire “your own taste”.

From the living room to the bedroom, passing through rooms such as the kitchen or the bathroom, here are the decorating mistakes to avoid in the house !

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