Here is the color to ABSOLUTELY avoid in a bedroom at the risk of sleeping very badly

A color can have a much deeper impact than we think. Unconsciously can certain tones affect our mood, our choices and of course our sleep. Everyone has their favorite color and will often use it as a strong marker of their personality. Whether it’s on clothes or accessories, it can become a veritable code of non-verbal language. Also in the home, the choice of colors used will contribute or not create harmony. Depending on the parts, certain colors will be more or less indicated.

In fact, every one Room of the house to him or her functions. Therefore, the state of mind we adopt when we are there will change. But the only indication of the place is not enough! Its layout, the objects in it, the light, the general colors are all factors that will help to strengthen or, on the contrary, oppose what the room is made for. It is especially in the feng shui, ancestral Chinese practice, that we find indications on the layout of a house to create a harmony conducive to well-being.

Yin and Yang colors

According to Feng Shui, everything is classified according to the principle of Yin and Yang. This will then define the associated energies to each element. For color we will therefore also be able to distinguish two categories. Paler and soothing shades will be said to be Yin. Conversely, those who are more lively, warm and dynamic will be Yang. They do not necessarily oppose each other, but complement each other, respond to each other and balance each other. They associations will therefore be able to create atmosphere more or less suitable for every room in the house.

The red color often symbolizes love and passion. So it becomes tempting to use it in an adult bedroom. However, this choice could have disastrous consequences on your sleep! Indeed, red is also a dynamic, stimulating, even aggressive color. Going to sleep in a red-colored atmosphere is definitely not the best thing we did for a peaceful night. If you already suffer from sleep problemsit is absolutely necessary to avoid the red in your room!

The Red and the Black

In the dark, the colors naturally disappear. But it’s what your brain will register last that counts. Unconsciously, it will put you in a lot bad arrangements. It doesn’t matter if you turn off the light, the damage will be done. You can then toss and turn for a while before falling asleep. In addition, it is likely that it is just of poor quality. Red can be used in small touches if you are not too sensitive to it. It can indeed contribute to creating a warmer atmospheremore conducive to certain situations…

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A color for every room!

The red color however can always according to Feng Shui, be very appropriate in other places of the house. In a living room it will motivate conversations and promote exchanges. However, be careful not to make it too ubiquitous a color, at the risk of the debate quickly turning into a fight! In an office, red will be the perfect color to set you determination and keep his motivation. One thing to note too: red will affect people’s feelings about temperature. Between saving energy and saving sleep, it may be necessary to find a new balance!

The orange colors also work very well to bring a more friendly atmosphere without the too aggressive side of red. Of course, for every color there is many diverse shades. Making a wise choice is often the job of an expert. It is also an option not to be neglected if you want to do it reasonable accommodation. Be accompanied by a professional can help you get the most out of each part and optimize their functions.

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