here are three bedroom inspirations, easy to adopt for 2023

What could be better than a little tour on Pinterest to start the year off right? We reveal to you today, some inspirations to redecorate your room for 2023. So stock up on new products and go in search of a new universe for your room.

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Cocooning with a Scandinavian style hygge

A contemporary, minimalist and kitchen conversion for a bedroom that gives a good reason to get up in the morning. The style hygge (word of Danish and Norwegian origin), refers to a sense of well-being as well as an intimate and warm atmosphere. This is good as wellness is one of the major concerns of the year 2023. With a soft, functional and salutogenicyou put all the chances on your side to feel good in your room.

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Modern and old go hand in hand

We can never repeat it enough: mixing modern and old is a great way to showcase a decor that ages with time. This trend is confirmed again in 2023. Already presentPinterest also predicted this vintage objects will indeed always be in fashion This year. This mix and match will give character and authenticity to your room. Find second hand items is also a good way to renew its decoration at low prices. Get creative by deriving old objects, like this Pinterest post where this screen became a headpiece.

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Here it is (again) wallpaper

Here’s a great technique if you want to transport your bedroom into a universe. Placed on the wall behind the bed, the wallpaper would work perfectly as a headboard. If its return is not new, it remains a safe decorative option for 2023. The installation may be discouraging, but the latest novelties offer wallpapers that are easy to install. With a wide selection of references, the possibilities to perfect the decoration of a room are endless.

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