Here are the hardiest plants that survive the winter

Spring and summer delight you. You can take care of your plants outdoors. But then: winter came. With it the sun hides, and the temperatures make the coldest tremble as well as the petals of your flowers. Do you find your balcony or garden very dull without a touch of green? Then these few plants could make you smile. Note that if they resist frost, it is still preferable to place them away from a wall, for example. They will therefore receive a minimum of protection.

Solid flowers

The colors like flowers are not easy to find in winter. However, there are a few species that flower during the colder months. This is the case of hellebores, also called “Christmas roses”, which show their noses even under a thin layer of snow. Certain types of jasmine or violets, pansies, snowdrops or even daffodils also withstand the winter.

In the video, some tips to keep your plants alive:

small shrubs

Boxwood and hydrangea keep well in winter. If you have a little space, these two shrubs can even decorate your balconies in containers. Boxwood has evergreen leaves. That is, it does not lose all its leaves over a period of time, but gradually throughout the year. It therefore constantly maintains its leafy appearance. Ideal for a touch of green. The hydrangea offers ample and colorful flowers, in white, pink or even purple colors. The faded flower lasts even in winter, enough to decorate the outside.

evergreen leaves

Some plants do not flower when the cold comes, but keep their leaves. Ideal for a decorative touch of green. The lavender and the cypress stick both in the ground and in a pot. Even bay leaves and robust thyme can beautify your exterior in addition to flavoring your dishes.

climbing plants

And if you put a trellis on your walls to have climbing plants like clematis or wisteria? If the wisteria only leaves its branches in winter, it has the merit of dressing up your walls. As soon as spring arrives, its clusters of flowers adorn their support by bringing a sweet fragrance. Clematis can bloom as early as February. Some varieties can even keep their leaves in winter.

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