Halloween decorations: 13-year-old impressed

Ghost, witch, alien, giant pumpkin, monsters have taken over this house in Baie-Saint-Paul. Thirteen-year-old Djordan Bissonnette is behind this unique setting in this area of ​​the city. He had carefully placed each decoration since September.

“It’s my passion because I like my house to be unique and it’s unusual because not all houses are decorated like that,” he explains.

It was from the age of 6 that a gift gave him the sting.

“I found the guy with the pumpkin head there. We had three and I thought I would need more. I had other Christmas ones, someone gave me a snow globe, a Santa and the snowman and that’s how it went,” says the creative young man.

Today he has 317 characters of all kinds, most of which were bought with his own savings.

“Just the clown, that’s $300 right there. A lot of money is invested in making people happy on Halloween. My mother believed that no one would come despite the decorations since we are part of the old streets, but since I decorated, even the neighbors started buying candy,” underlines Djordan Bissonnette.

Besides, what do his parents think?

“My mother likes it and so does my father, because it makes the house unique and they don’t have to do the decorations,” he says.

The teenager is proud of the result for Halloween. However, the latter promises that it will be even more grandiose for its Christmas decor. For the occasion, he dresses up as Santa Claus and hands out tickets to passers-by.

In the meantime, Djordan invites you on October 31st to contemplate his work and come get treats.

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