Gift ideas for the home: our selection

What gift for the house?

Whether it’s to celebrate Christmas, a birthday or a housewarming party, giving a gift for the house is one of the great classics! Decorate the kitchen, personalize the entrance or decorate the living room or bedroom… There is a wealth of inspirations and ideas for the home, for all tastes and all budgets.

A decorative gift

Among the most popular gifts for the home we naturally find decorative gifts! An elegant pomander, a stained vintage poster, beautiful designer figurines or a small statue of Buddha… Decorative objects and accessories are perfect for dressing up and personalizing the interior of a home, making it warmer and livelier. But for a successful decorative gift, you must first think carefully about the taste of the recipient, and the style and atmosphere of their home. The gift should indeed match his interior decoration, or give it a touch of originality while respecting his style!

If the interior is furnished and decorated in a Scandinavian style, you can choose, for example, light and refined objects, in raw materials and light colors: a mirror with a thin wooden frame, a sheepskin rug, sleek design wall lights… For homes with an industrial atmosphere, opt for a lamp with an exposed cable, a large metal wall clock or a steel wall decoration. And for fans of ethnic and bohemian chic decoration, there are also many inspirations and ideas: for example, you can offer a dream catcher to hang, small wicker baskets or wall decoration made of plant fibers.

An aesthetic AND useful gift!

Gifts for the home, displayed for all to see, should of course be aesthetic objects, and preferably chosen in good quality materials. Whether it’s a little attention or a more substantial gift, a well-made object will indeed last longer. It will also often feature a more elaborate design and more harmonious lines. And besides being aesthetic, gift ideas for the home can also be useful! A beautiful lamp to illuminate, a thick rug to warm the floor, small boxes to store: these decorative objects will be appreciated for many years!

Among the best gift ideas for the home, we find for example all the objects of interior perfumery. Lampe Berger, scented candles and bouquets, home fragrance diffusers… Both aesthetic and useful, these scented objects are available in a wide variety of designs, colors and scents, to suit all tastes and needs, all interior styles. Some of these models can purify the atmosphere or neutralize bad smells, while delicately perfuming the rooms of the house. And they are also perfect for small apartments and studios. Whichever model you choose, the room fragrance instantly creates a comforting and welcoming atmosphere inside. An ideal gift idea for the home!

Our selection of gift ideas for the home

Are you out of inspiration to spoil a loved one? Do you want to offer him an aesthetic and useful object, which goes well with his style of decoration? Zoom in on gift ideas to decorate and accessorize all the rooms of the house!

For the kitchen

The kitchen is now one of the house’s favorite rooms. We spend time there with family and friends, to cook, sit or chat over a drink… This center must therefore be cozy and functional, with suitable lighting, comfortable furniture, and practical and aesthetic accessories. And there are plenty of gift ideas to add to or decorate the kitchen!

For example, you can offer beautiful wooden shelves for a Scandinavian kitchen, a vintage vase for a chic country feel, a metal spice rack or a glass mirror for an industrial decor… The aim is to make useful gifts with aesthetic lines. find , to turn them into decorative objects in their own right! In the field of tableware, there are only so many ideas. A large linen tablecloth or finely embroidered napkins, a carafe or a beautiful pepper mill, decorated porcelain plates or elegant stemmed glasses… These gifts are perfect for the housewarming party of a new home, for example.

For living room and bedrooms

Among the essential gift ideas for the home, we also find all the textiles, objects and accessories that allow you to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere inside. Aimed at relaxation and cocooning, the living room is, for example, the ideal room to install new cushions, a soft window pane or a large wool rug. And for a nature lover, you can choose a beautiful succulent or a pretty colorful pot. Offered in a multitude of styles and budgets, these classic gifts are sure to please!

And why not offer a decorative object or accessory for the bedroom? Here, too, the gift can bring comfort and well-being to this space of rest and relaxation. An aroma generator for a touch of freshness, a nice table lamp for subdued lighting, a cozy blanket to warm the end of the bed… There are many gift ideas to make the bedroom even more comfortable and welcoming.

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