Get inspired by the 3 top trendy trends that will be a hit in 2023!

Living room wall decor trends aren’t always a flash in the pan like some interior design trends are. After all, wall art is often a big investment. However, there are always moods and mediums that feel of the moment when it comes to wall decoration, as with any part of our home. Discover structured tapestries, interesting ways to display, to an abstract use of color. Be the first to know about these 3 2023 trends that will take many forms!

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What wall decoration for a living room?

Make your walls your main asset to transform your living room into a paradise of art and beauty! Art is a great way to enhance your interior and bring a splash of color, texture or personality to your home. Be brave and creative! Find young artists on online art platforms. This is a great way to buy art prints or originals with subjects that will inspire you on a daily basis. “Do you have any art?” is always my first question when designing interiors,” says designer Amy Lau. “Then it’s about building the design around the art at hand and building a story. »

The best 2023 living room wall decor trends

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There are so many elements involved in living room wall decor and it’s a room we spend a lot of time in, so you want to get it right. To complicate matters, you have to consider that you spend time in a living room at different times of the day. Then consider that it should work just as well in the afternoon as with the curtains drawn and the candles lit. Living through both color and art is very important because both can make a strong impression in your home. Check out these 3 latest 2023 wall decor trends in the art world! To guide you, we spoke to designers who use art in all its forms as a fundamental part of their projects.

Vintage neon signs!

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Neon signs and brightly lit artwork have been around since the 1960s. They were originally used as a form of advertising, with fluorescent lighting typically draped on the outside of buildings or factories around the world. For mid-century or 70s-inspired interiors, neon is just the ticket to add some character and retro charm to a scheme. At the moment it is bohemian chic atmosphere in the living room, when approached with caution and taste, is certainly seeing a resurgence. Neon is such a trendy and fun way to create visual interest with a literal pop of color,” says designer Molly Torres Portnof of Date Interiors. Find the message that will inspire you and bring positive energy to your living room and make it shine in neon in your living room!

Display your own art collection on your living room walls!

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More and more wall art trends are about building your own art collection and not conforming to the big name pieces you may have seen in the galleries. Think about what speaks to you! If you are wondering how to refresh the living room without spending, feel free to choose more affordable works of art from young artists. Shop around at charity shops and antique shops. If it’s something you like, don’t worry it won’t match your interior and flaunt it with confidence! Tell your own story. Tell your guests where you’ve been, why you own a particular room. Choose your own art for diversity and what appeals to you aesthetically. It doesn’t have to match your living room decor, as furniture and lights change over time and art boards can be moved from room to room. Tell the world with confidence that this is your style!

Wall tapestry, the most sophisticated decoration for your living room!

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Texture, fabric and wall tapestries are also in the spotlight in 2023! These beautiful pieces are usually associated with the more traditional interior look. Know that tapestries give a completely different look in a modern setting. Choose allowed retro tapestries or more minimalist options version 2023. The hangings, the wall kerlite and the tapestries will soften your living room. They will add a pop of color and extra interest to the overall atmosphere. Opt for them over your standard framed poster, as tapestries go really well with modern rooms. There are also living rooms decorated with tapestries woven with abstract designs. Bring a new modern twist to classic furniture with these extraordinary pieces. Make the right choice! If a massive, eye-catching tapestry isn’t in the cards, consider a few smaller ones or drape the textiles over a piece of furniture.

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