French wallpapers to decorate their rooms

Described as old-fashioned a few years ago, wallpaper has now taken a revenge. In France, we observed a boom in the turnover of manufacturers after the first lockdown in 2020. A boom that is confirmed on a global scale, as the market is expected to grow by 5.9% per year between 2019 and 2027. .* The wallpaper undoubtedly seduces with its customizable appearance. Unlike paint, the new ranges of wallpaper make it possible to offer ever more varied and trendy patterns. Some models are intended directly for children’s and baby rooms. They can bring a real fairytale atmosphere to their sleeping area. We have selected some wallpaper models from collections dedicated to children, from French brands.

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An enchanted forest

Turn your little one’s room into an enchanted forest. This panoramic wallpaper glue from Wellpapers, representing a forest, will make children’s eyes sparkle. With its neutral and soft shades, it can match various styles of decoration. His little animals will become the best companions during the night of the little ones.

La forêt wallpaper, n°107, Wellpapers, from €39 per square meter.

Head in the clouds

A new dreamlike universe presented by Maison Janette, another French brand dedicated to wallpaper. Named Leon, this cloud wallpaper is completely hand drawn. Available in four colors that are both soft, warm called Gingerbread, Vineyard Peach, Moon Blue and Up There; it will rock the bedroom of a newborn baby or a child with cotton. The plus: it is printed in a traditional and local way.

Léon wallpaper, Maison Janette, €89 per roll

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Under the sea

This panoramic sea world wallpaper to explore right on the walls of your child’s den. The French brand Mimi’lou is entirely dedicated to decoration for children and offers original visuals of wallpapers and friezes. This ocean themed pattern is a pretty picturesque watercolor. It is printed with environmentally friendly ink and without VOC emissions.

Ocean Panorama Wallpaper, Mimi’lou, €125 per roll, size L

*After a study businesscoot: the wallpaper market, updated on March 15, 2022.

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