Discover the selection of 2023 colors from the main paint brands!

While we may not be ready to accept that we’re approaching the end of this year and the beginning of the next, the design world is still thinking about what lies ahead. The wave of trend predictions is well under way with major paint brands like Sherwin-Williams, Valspar, Behr and more releasing their highly anticipated picks for 2023 color of the year. Warm neutral colors and earth tones can inspire us to slow down in our lives. rooms and seek more comfort and peace in our daily lives. On the other end of the spectrum, bold, sunny shades and bright colors beg us to incorporate more joy into our routines. Let these living room color choices 2023 inspire you to think about how the colors in your home make you feel.

What color for the living room in 2023?

living room color 2023 trendy home decor ideas

The suggestion that all-white living room ideas may go out of fashion is not short of controversy. However, this tone has had its day among reputable experts. We had a collective moment when white walls and monochromatic decor were a visually soothing mark on our phones, but not practical for families with children, let alone their children’s toys and growing art projects. The future looks very colorful, but some shades are about to fall out of favor – here’s what trusted designers are predicting. From spice-inspired hues to dusty purples and rich greens, discover 10 different ways to fill your living space with color.

Valspar and their Deck Everglade color for the 2023 show

what color for the living room in 2023 midnight blue paint your trend

The Valspar company refused to pick their favorites with the release of their 2023 Colors of the Year collection. Instead, the brand chose 12 unique colors, each selected using color psychology to link the shade to a specific emotional state or quality, all within the framework of restoration and rejuvenation. Everglade Deck, pictured above, is just one of those carefully selected colors of the year for the show, but we thought it was worth showcasing this strikingly rich midnight blue. We can only imagine that walking into a living room drenched in this color will feel like the first invigorating and then relaxing feeling of walking into the ocean in early summer.

Benjamin Moore predicts a ‘Raspberry Blush’ color for the living room!

living room color trend deco idea choice tone paint walls

Last year, Benjamin Moore chose a soft sage green as the color of the year for 2022, settling comfortably under the big trend of “new neutrals.” This year, however, with the 2023 pick, Raspberry Blush, Benjamin Moore took a very bold push outside the paint color comfort zone. The color is a vibrant red-orange hue that can add a burst of energy to walls in a living room or dining room. Basically, anywhere you need a contemporary wall color who starts the conversation, bet on this choice to express the character of your personality. It is a color full of positive energy and depth thanks to its total simplicity!

Bet on rich neutral colors!

neutral gray color living room home deco trend

Rich brown shades, soft creamy undertones and green-grey details create a sophisticated and soothing space, and I think we’ll see more of these beautiful, deeper neutrals in 2023,” says Knut Bendik Humlevik, creative director at New Works. The philosophy of the prestigious Danish brand is centered on natural materials, tactile textures and muted color palettes, which is reflected in their designs, as well as in the environments they create. It is the pinnacle of current salon trends. “These colors provide the perfect environment for handmade pieces, drawing attention to details and their qualities. When combined with textured textiles, the result is a room that surrounds you with extraordinary warmth! Try these gray and beige neutrals trendy wallpaper for the living room, no matter how small.

Green and blue!

green and blue color trend 2023 living room choice idea

Tiffany Duggan, founder and creative director of Studio Duggan, agrees with the color trends above. “I think nature-inspired shades, along with lots of rich browns and light creams, will make the choices of trendy colors 2023” , she says. “I’m really into fresh, invigorating blues and greens right now and they work incredibly well together. Tiffany recommends offsetting these cool shades with warmer shades like a dirty pink or warm caramel, as shown in this view through the doorway of a living space the studio designed for a recent hyper-chic project Cheerful and reassuring, these colors in pastel shades will continue to dominate living spaces throughout 2023!

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