Decorative fireplace, give style to your home

How to make a fireplace decoration?

In the midst of the pandemic, most of you have been sitting in your homes for long periods of time, and we can imagine how it bothers you to stare at that dusty old fireplace. Well, don’t worry. Just because your home isn’t using the heat from the fireplace doesn’t mean the space is completely wasted. You don’t realize how lucky you are to have a fireplace to decorate at closing time.

A fireplace can be an important part of your home decor, whether decorating for the new season or for a special occasion, or simply turning the fireplace mantel into a place to display your photos and trinkets. more expensive photos, or to take some cozy photos in front of the fireplace for your social media handles. So why not take the plunge and discover every possible area of ​​your fireplace’s stunning transformation?

Choose great home decor items

If you want to give your fireplace a custom look, grab some handpicked home decor items, browse through the pictures of fireplace decorating ideas, and you’re halfway there. Arranging some memorable family photo frames will give it a personal touch. Carefully place decorative items such as a swan or a crystal flower to brighten the place.

Choose antique pieces to add value to decorative items. Finally, adding wallpapers or your favorite posters will be the icing on the cake. However, be careful not to arrange them randomly; make a plan, try several ways and choose the one that works best for you.

Give your living room fireplace a royal look

If you have a chandelier in your living room, you have the opportunity to try the royal, glamorous and rustic look. This will work if you already have a brick or stone fireplace. All you need to do is add some candlesticks, candle holders, antique arts and crafts and a mercury glass vase that you can easily buy online.

Put them all together to feel like the king or queen of the house while sipping red wine on a weekend. All you have to do now is light some scented candles and the chandelier for a cute fireplace design!

DIY decoration for the fireplace

Don’t you love giving your living room a makeover? Now think of all the ways you can have a modern fireplace DIY. One of the most used ideas for fireplace decoration is the installation of a television on the fireplace mantel. Do-it-yourself projects are a way to bring the family together. Place a pane of glass in front of the fireplace, add some pebbles, marbles, and all the shiny things you can think of that can be seen through the pane.

The possibilities for decorating the fireplace with DIY ideas are endless. Expand the horizon of your imagination and explore your artistic side. Scribble, grab some paint, create 3D models and display them on your fireplace!

modern farmhouse inspired fireplace decor

Who doesn’t dream of living on a fully functional farm or maybe just for vacation? What if you could give your living room fireplace a similar farmhouse-themed look? It would be something close to what you dreamed of. Just choose your favorite farm themed accessories and give your living room the look it deserves.

Add woven baskets, farm animal figurines and lots of natural elements. You can even paint the fireplace red to give it a cozy atmosphere. The surroundings of the fireplace can be decorated with greenery for a more authentic look. Daisies and lilies can be used to fill any remaining space!

A place to showcase your home decor collection

You can put all your collectibles like vases, ceramics, pottery sculptures, and the list goes on. By arranging everything symmetrically and maybe placing some books with aesthetic book covers, you will give the fireplace a modern and elegant interior decoration. An antique-looking watch is sure to catch the eye.

Some additions, such as a potpourri in a glass bowl, will add to the beauty of the fireplace. However, keep in mind that you should not clutter this small space and decorate it in a subtle way.

Decorative fireplace with a mirror

By placing a large mirror on top of the fireplace, you can turn your fireplace into a focal point from the living room. You can then place fresh greenery or flowers on both sides of the mirror. That way, looking in the mirror before you leave the house will be part of your routine before you know it. A few books, a nice feather or a decorative element can fill the remaining space.

Fireplace decoration for a bookworm

Are you someone who loves books more than people? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who thinks so. Wouldn’t you love to have all your scattered novels in one place though? Let this privileged place be your living room, just above your fireplace. Search online for built-in shelving that is easy to install on your own. Built-in bookshelves will give your living room a professional look.

All you need now is a bookshelf or two for your amazingly assembled shelving unit. Place some plants and some brass objects to decorate the shelf with the rows of books lined up. You get a clean and stylish living room with the unused fireplace as the focal point.

Fireplace decor for the artist in you

If you’re an artist who doesn’t like looking at a plain white fireplace, let’s decorate this space together, shall we? Since you already know paint and colors, why not turn that white fireplace into something abstract that won’t be boring to look at?

If you don’t have time to paint the entire fireplace, you can simply hang the pictures you already have above the fireplace mantel. It will be like your personal view gallery with your visual interests. After that, your living room will be your place to find creativity for other equally beautiful pieces.

Decorative fireplace if you have a toddler

In the midst of childbirth, you have to take care of your toddler while you work at home. If you have an electric fireplace, this idea will work in your favor. Decorate the fireplace mantel with fairy lights. Stick stickers or pendants of bright moons and stars on the wall above the fireplace.

You can add birthday cards, stockings or gifts to make it a visual treat. The playful touch and space-themed accessories will be much appreciated by your child. You can then work quietly while they lose themselves in the surreal atmosphere of your living room. It will be like the heavenly family room you always wanted.

Deco for a fake fireplace

We understand that you may be nostalgic and long for the days when you lit the fireplace to sit comfortably with your family. You may not be able to light the fire, but you can decorate a faux fireplace any time.

For the simple pleasure of decorating your living room and reliving your childhood, you can get a fake fireplace that looks exactly like a real one. You can even place an electric fireplace in it to give the impression of flames. In addition to the installed fake fireplace, you can decorate the fireplace mantel with antique decorative pieces to give your home an aesthetic look.

Fireplace decoration in a dining room

If you have a fireplace in your dining room, we have interesting ideas to decorate it as well. Instead of filling the fireplace with cutlery, you can place ceramics of a similar color to highlight it. You can add cute little salt and pepper shakers to add to the ambiance of the dining room.

Kintsugi Gold Filled Art Pieces will be a great addition to your fireplace. For the centerpiece, you can take a glass bowl and fill it with chocolates and candies that you can choose and eat as you walk around the dining room. Don’t let the space go to waste; give your fireplace the makeover it deserves.

Green is the new black

Who doesn’t love greenery in their living room? The house is filled with oxygen in the early morning and watering and talking to plants is a relaxing activity! So why not decorate your fireplace with indoor plants? Plant some foliage plants such as ferns and place them on the fireplace mantel.

You can also add color to it by introducing flowers such as lilies, roses, hibiscus and daisies. In addition, you can add large indoor plants symmetrically on both sides of the fireplace. The greenery in your living room will surely increase the levels of your happiness hormones, serotonin and oxytocin. What are you waiting for to act? Adopt plants today!

Decorative fireplace while saving space

Have you ever had the idea for a two-layer fireplace mantel? It will be twice as much fun because now you will have two platforms to decorate. You can place utility items such as table calendar, table clock, photo frames, bookshelf, plants, phone stand and more on the top shelf, while also decorating your home bottom shelf.

On the bottom shelf, you can place objects and old items bought on the Internet, such as ceramics, candle holders, etc. to make your fireplace more attractive.

Design a fireplace that works

It is satisfying to know that you are still using your fireplace. Gathering firewood and sitting by the flames with a book seems like the perfect way to end a hectic day at work. After reading about ways to renovate an unused fireplace, don’t imagine we didn’t come to this. Having a working fireplace looks good and feels good. However, you can still work on the mantelpiece.

You can place a notice board in the center with all your daily goals. For the sides, you can buy posters with your favorite quotes and hang them next to the board. On the platform, you can choose the greenery with the home decoration items. And voila. You will have the perfect fireplace to spend a relaxing evening.


Designing a fireplace can be a confusing and tedious process. However, once you finish styling it, every second you spend will be worth it. Every time you walk past your living room, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment for having created something so beautiful on your own. You can then stretch out on your sofa, watch television and admire the beauty of the fireplace. So what about your second thoughts?

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