Decorating tip: how to dress cabinet doors?

Practical but not always aesthetic, the cupboard built into the wall is often considered more of a necessity than a decorative asset. However, with the help of the right tutorial, it is possible to turn basic cupboard doors (or any other storage unit) into a decorative element in its own right. In this tutorial we present youdressing room doors like a giant painting to create a trompe l’oeil effect.

Cupboard doors: DIY ideas to revamp them

We tend to think that repainting a piece of furniture is the only option to adapt it, but there are many other ways to breathe new life into a storage unit, be it a cupboard, a cupboard or ‘a old chest of drawers. Here are some DIY inspirations to try redecorating a piece of furniture or wardrobe doors:

Self-decor: custom picture-style cabinet doors

In this tutorial we used an XXL reproduction ordered from Repro Tableaux to dress up the different parts of a cabinet. Like wallpaper, this large format printed master canvas pattern is ideal for camouflage a dressing room too imposing or to create a trompe l’oeil effect in a living room.

Design and production: Dominique Turbé
Creation: Reprotableaux for Marie Claire Idees
Photo: Sandrine Fournier

Published in issue 154

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