Deco: Our 5 ideas to dress up your empty walls

The decoration of the walls should not be taken lightly. It will indeed add to the atmosphere of the room and reflect a part of your personality. Out of inspiration to dress up your walls? Here are a few Council for a successful wall decoration at a low price.

wall shelves

Wall shelves are the perfect accessories to decorate the walls of a room, proving both aesthetic and practical. You can indeed use these shelves to store books or trinkets. Do not hesitate to install plants on your wall shelves for an additional decorative touch, or to arrange photo frames there for a more intimate interior. In The bathroom, the wall shelves can also accommodate bath towels or your beauty products. You can also paint a colored frame around each shelf to stage them like paintings and emboss your decor.

A wall weaver


Perfect for bringing an ethnic touch to your interior, wall weaving takes on a style that is both trendy and timeless. Designed in natural materials, the wall weaving, easy to install, can be decorated with neutral colors such as white or beige, or dressed in pastel or more assertive colors. It is up to you to choose according to the atmosphere you want for your room, but also according to the color of your wall covering. Note that a wall tapestry in the shape of a dream catcher would be perfect in a bedroom, in XXL format above the headboard. Whatever the room, you can choose a large wall tapestry or prefer several small models that you will hang next to each other. DIY wall decoration also.

A green wall


There is nothing like creating a green wall to bathe your room in a natural and exotic atmosphere. The ideal way to achieve such an arrangement is to start by placing a sturdy fence on the wall that you want to transform into a green wall. Then hang flower pots on the mesh before filling them with plants of your choice. This arrangement in pots will allow you to provide each plant with the amount of water and fertilizer that suits it. When it comes to choosing plants, bet on variety, both in terms of shapes and colors. Various shades of green will make the whole thing more authentic and lively. You can also add some flowering plants for some colorful touches.

Some scratches

Stripes are making a comeback in decorating. To make your walls trendy, and if you are not a fan of decorative objects, then you can simply paint large stripes on your blank walls. Know that horizontal stripes will elongate the piece, while vertical stripes will give it height. Alternate white stripes and neutral colored stripes such as pearl gray or pale pink for a sober interior. For a more original decor full of pep, combine white with an assertive color such as orange or Little Blue.

Panoramic wallpaper

Travel without leaving home by applying panoramic wallpaper to one of your blank walls. The latter can be decorated, according to your wishes, with a beach environment overhung by a palm tree, shady undergrowth, or immerse yourself in the heart of New York. This type of wall covering is sufficient on its own: there is no need to hang decorations afterwards, with the risk of spoiling the decor and the effect of depth. Choose a wall behind a sofa or bed, or in front of this furniture: change of scenery guaranteed!

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