Customizable wall decor: the trend to follow

Graphic tile unique to the dining room, custom panoramic wallpaper for the bedroom, joyful color zoning for the children’s room… Personal wall decoration inspires more and more designers and naturally finds an audience that is always eager to assert its uniqueness at the heart of its interior. Focus on this trend.

Choose valuable wallpaper

What if, instead of paper, we chose mother-of-pearl, reed, woven straw or sisal on the wall? It is possible, less common and much more chic with some Nobilis wall coverings, Arte or even Élitis, whose so-called “material” models reveal expert craftsmanship that is easy to install. The Signature series of Atelier du Mur pays homage to Japanese screens, especially the Les Dorés collection (pictured, “Constellation”), which consists in an artificial way of prints on a copper leaf background. Between tradition and modernity.

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Play with many decorative tiles on the wall

Even simple, and even in a living room, it can transform a wall into a mosaic. The proof with Din collection by Konstantin Grcic for Mutina which, by changing the sizes and shades of the same tile, offers a modern and graphic result at the same time. We were also inspired by the Danish tile and paint house File Under Pop, which is full of ideas to lay your tiles differently and create a decorative wall! Tomorrow, tiles in the bedroom?

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Choose a panoramic wallpaper or fabric for an exceptional wall

What better than a custom landscape can give a painter the illusion of carte blanche decorate the wall ? In wallpaper or fabric, the panoramic views of Dominotiers, Isidore Leroy or Pierre Frey (pictured, “Canaima”) gives a sense of depth to a room, as if it is possible to enter the design. Each publisher offers a 3D rendering service to adapt the print to its space and transform a room by giving it extra soul.

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Treat yourself to an artist’s wallpaper to navigate the wall art trend

The Asteré publishing house wanted wallpaper to become “mural art” by inviting contemporary artists to “bring their works to life” on this medium. Since then, six guest collections have emerged. Everyone deploys their universe there and it is therefore possible to display one of their creations on their walls, such as that of Garance Vallée (pictured, “Archetype”). Mériguet-Carrere Paris also unveiled its Carnet d’artistes collection this year with works by Victor Cadene and Florence Bamberger. Finally, some have decided to self-publish, like the illustrator Claire de Quénetain, for a single wall that is a real eye-catcher.

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Paint geometric shapes for an artistic effect

Even if it is not enough to grab a brush to achieve the achievements of Mathias Kiss or Pierre Bonnefille, it is still possible to achieve some simple patterns with tape and a little patience. Behind a bed, like here at Graham & Brown, around a wardrobe, on the ceiling, on an ankle living room wall, some graphic lines give a new impetus to the piece. The heju architects signed a collection of organic shapes in soft colors to Ressource, to paste like wallpaper, according to their desire and imagination. Just dare!

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