Cassel: creative workshops organized at the Ehpad

About forty residents participated in the work sessions.

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LJoy and Sharing Association, chaired by Catherine Brame, hosted nursing home residents a session of four creative workshops.

The mission of leading them was entrusted to Catherine Demeester. The artisan florist brought his expertise, his advice and his equipment: dried flowers, iron bow, ribbons, butterflies, birds and accessories to enhance the creation. An exercise that the professional and her staff found ” nice “.

The workshops allowed us to welcome around forty residents. The goal was that everyone could independently make a wreath of dried flowers to decorate their room. We are now going to organize workshops for two or three residents, on the floors for those who did not participate. The most autonomous residents will be able to help them “says Béatrice Blondeau.

The Hauts-de-France residence should soon come to life as it did before the restrictions linked to Covid. The host also announces resume meals with families
: ” With the exception of a musical tea party last October, we haven’t been able to organize anything since March 2020 “. Families, residents and staff are applicants.

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